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Search text within landing pages and emails

The search function on Email and Landing Pages only appears to search email/page names. We'd like the additional functionality for this search to also look for text within the email and landing page content itself. This would be extremely helpful for us when searching through our thousands of emails and landing pages where we might not know the title.


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This would be cool. I like the idea of making my entire HubSpot instance essentially searchable. 


It is such a basic feature that is needed. I am getting a lot of flack from my sales team for the inability to search email bodies. Thank goodness we're using outlook and the add-in, but this is something that should have been on the drawing board years ago. Lacking such a simple and widely used feature is a massive oversight IMO.


This is not only cool but necessary. We now have 258 emails templates, many of which are automated and we need to manually go through all of them to find if we used text that is no longer applicable. For example, we are discontinuing Free Shipping. Where are all the emails that reference Free Shipping that we no longer want to send to customers? But the search functionality only search the title of the marketing email. I'm pretty surprised that Hubspot doesn't offer better bulk management tools for managing the content we create. The applies to templates. We have just under 200 templates created. How many of those include language that is no longer valid? It would be awesome if we could search within templates and emails so we can quickly identify and address the ones that need to be updated. Even better would be search and replace functionality...


Yep, need this feature!


Need to be able to quickly search for keywords that are used on website pages, landing pages, emails etc. so that they can be easily identified and changed. Otherwise it becomes a very manual process.


Same here. This feature is essential to achieve a seamless customer experience. How can a sales rep, customer rep, or key account quickly find information contained somewhere in so many emails?"