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Search line items in all quotes and deals

We would love the functionality to be able to do a search for a particular product in our library, and search the line items on the quotes or deals to surface which quotes/deals have that product included in them

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This is a big blocker on Hubspot - we're unable to filter, export, research individual deals based on line item information. I need to be able to analyse our customers' purchase journeys - who purchased This and went on to purchase That? - but I can't do that without being able to analyse deal data based on line items.


Yes! This is very important. We need to be able to analyse sales for specific products in order to be able to improve the sales flywheel. 


totally agree!



Would love to see this in the Dev queue.


We have thousands of different products, to be able to identify the contacts / customers who have been quoted a pirticular product we could send them direct offers, end of sale announcments, updates on lowered lead times etc.


Seems like a very basic functionality of what a CRM should be capable of... 


Please let us be able to search/filter by line items. So often we get price increases for products and have to manually search 100's if not 1000's of quotes to see if we have any outstanding