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Search for contacts by their *linked* company fields

Hi all


We intend to create some custom company fields eg number of employees.


Can we filter contacts by their linked company fields? I wish to end up with a list of contacts to get in touch with.


It seems like we're restricted to filtering by only the fields at the contact level.




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Hi @dm_esfa


Filtering is limited to using properties on the object type being filtered - so contact properties on contacts and company properties on companies. 

If you have the Marketing Hub (Basic or better) you have access to lists which support the segmentation of contacts based on company properties. 


So basically, you are correct that it can't be done in the CRM alone. 

Hope this helps.


Thanks Phil (apologies for the late reply - the notifications went into gmail spam)




You can download both contacts and companies, put them as tabs in an excel spreadsheet, then use the function "vlookup" based on the shared company name to add the city, state, and zip code to your contact data (use the fields hubspot already uses). Then, just re-upload your contacts to hubspot, and the app will update the city, state, zip code fields for those contacts.


Thanks for posting this Phil. 


If I understand you correctly, what you are saying is that UNLESS we purchase the marketing suite, there is no way to search for contacts using related companies value correct? That's kind of BS honestly and it should be dealt with IMO.






Which one is the Marketing Hub Basic? I only see Free, Starter and Pro. I'm on Starter. I wanted a list of contacts with E-mails for all companies of a certain type. The only options I see is Company Name and Size.


Upgrading from Starter to Pro costs too much. It is such a big leap to go from $50 to $800 to just be able to search!


I'd like to voice my concern and say that it is essential for outbound sales to be able to segment your leads based not only on their individual properties but also on their company properties. This shouldn't be a part of Marketting, but Sales, Hubspot please fix this issue!!!!

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I understand the "Associated companies" column is an associated record rather than a searchable contact property like "Company name". That said, it can be confusing that the contacts search only pulls up contacts with values listed in the "Company name" field. So it'll be good if the global search feature can reflect associated records for search queries too! 


Yes please!


This functionality is really needed.   The lists are a clunky work around and doesn't work effectively.

We have 24 servers and counting, 750+ companies and upwards of 5,500 clients.  Servers are recorded against companies as specific staff can change.   If one goes down or needs maintenance, I need to be able to email all clients who will be impacted by a server interuption, meaning I need to create and maintain 24+ lists.  The people who send the email don't have access levels to view the lists.

It's not workable


Upvoting this idea on behalf of a customer.


Since you have a relational data base Contacts<>Companies it's something basic to filter Contacts based on Companies atributes (or Proprieties).  Is this feature in hubsopt roadmap to be developed? Is there any forecast when it going to be available? 


Here, here! I'm kind of new to HubSpot and it boggles my mind that we can't pull more Company fields over into Contact fields. I'd REALLY like to see this feature added.