Search for Snippets in Gmail Extension

It's great that when I go to use a Template, Document, or a Sequence in the Chrome Extention that I get a pop-up where I can search for what I'm looking for. However, when I go to use a Snippet I just get a big long list of all of my snippets and have to comb through them to find what I'm looking for.


Would love to have a pop-up with the ability to search for Snippets just like you can with Templates, Sequences, and Documents!

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Great idea!

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It is a great idea, as this gives a lot of potential to the HubSpot extension!

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I completely agree, the UX on the snippets is weak, if it followed the same logic as the templates functionality. It would be much easier to use.

Hubspot please change. 

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Completely agree! It would be difficult to use if we can't search it via Gmail or Outlook.
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Yes! Hubspot - give the people what they want, what they desire, what they need!

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Yes, I hope Hubspot will implement this soon. It is so frustrating at times.