Search for Snippets in Gmail Extension

It's great that when I go to use a Template, Document, or a Sequence in the Chrome Extention that I get a pop-up where I can search for what I'm looking for. However, when I go to use a Snippet I just get a big long list of all of my snippets and have to comb through them to find what I'm looking for.


Would love to have a pop-up with the ability to search for Snippets just like you can with Templates, Sequences, and Documents!

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Great idea!

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It is a great idea, as this gives a lot of potential to the HubSpot extension!

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I completely agree, the UX on the snippets is weak, if it followed the same logic as the templates functionality. It would be much easier to use.

Hubspot please change. 

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Completely agree! It would be difficult to use if we can't search it via Gmail or Outlook.
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Yes! Hubspot - give the people what they want, what they desire, what they need!

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Yes, I hope Hubspot will implement this soon. It is so frustrating at times.

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Massive upvote on this - we have so many now sometimes its quicker to write the snippet again or go and grab it from the main HubSpot page than it is to find the Snippet in Gmail. 

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Yes, having such a feature is crucial, especially for large businesses. We have 150+ people using HubSpot, and finding your own snippets is very difficult because of the volume.

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At my past company we had 3 people using Snippets and I used them multiple times a day - what a great time saver.  But now with so many more users at my new company, I can't even find my Snippets.  It's too hard and too much to look through, as well as no way to filter just my Snippets that I use.

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This is a must. Snippets become a waste of time rather than a time-saving tool in the current format.