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Search contacts, companies and deals by custom properties

We would like the ability to query the Contacts/Companies API and pass in a property and a string to return a list of potential matches.



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"You could simply open your Internal API ( the one used in Hubspot ) "contacts/search/v1/search/" with the Filters properties .."


This would make our lives much easier also. To pull out the specific data for some of our end users we need to be able to search by properties in much the same way the quoted api seems to work when filtering contacts from the hubspot site.


Can any one from forum admins / API team give us atleat an idea if this endpoint ( to be able to search company name ) will be considered in 2020 ?? 
we are running a hubspot enterprise account with 62,000+ companies, paginating to find correct record is not feasible for us.


I'm still baffled that this post is still active and nothing has been done to implement this feature. This clearly has been implemented on the entrypoint and not the entry point.  I understand that these are two different services but I request ed this feature back in 2017.  The hubspot UI allows us to apply filters on the contacts view.  Why can't we have the same access? We have almost 200,000 contacts in our account and the current api limits us to 100 (although 250 seems to work). 

Console Network Request:

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.03.01 PM.png


Indeed! It shoudl be a standard feature to search for custom fields!


In our ERP all companies and contacts have a property with a unique code to manage contact-company-associations. These contacts get pushed into HubSpot BUT of course without existing associations. 


Now we have to add these contact-company-associations manually on HubSpot (happy matching with over 16K companies and 27K contacts) because there is no possibility to GET a company/contact by a specific property-value. 


Please enable such API-calls. 


Have you all seen the new crm search in beta? It should filll many of these use cases!


not only search by property, it would be very helful a date range query using date fields that already exists in hubspot.


Great... the search api ( works, even if it is a bit slow


I cannot believe in 2022, hubspot still does not support search by a custom property.

Tried to crm search api, searching the default properties works, but searching custom property simply returns


"status": "error",
"message": "There was a problem with the request.",
"correlationId": "f555fbb1-f6d8-4657-bd2a-7db3123b7c0b"



Has there been any new development on this? It looks like a really old post.

Maybe I just need to keep googling