Search contacts, companies and deals by custom properties

We need the ability to search (not filter) based on custom properties.


Use case: I am speaking with someone on LinkedIn and need to find them within the CRM. Her name and email do not give the correct results.


If I could search her by LinkedIn URL (custom property) I would always get the correct results because people have many email addresses but only one LinkedIn URL.

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Search contacts, companies and deals by custom propertiesHubSpot Product Team
changed to: Delivered

This feature has been delivered and is included in any of our Enterprise Hubs.

Search contacts, companies and deals by custom propertiesHubSpot Product Team
changed to: In Beta

Search contacts, companies and deals by custom propertiesHubSpot Product Team
changed to: In Planning

We think this is a great idea. We've discussed ways of allowing users to search for custom properties instead of having to filter for them.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta
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This is essential for us as well, glad to see its in BETA



This sounds great, how can we find out what's actually in beta and if it will be available via the API? 

We are very keen to search on a custom contact field via the API.

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I have a custom deal property called 'Reference' which we use to hold a simple identifier for the deal. In the deal property manager, you can add custom fields to the site search, but not the 'in context search' - i.e. the search results at the top of the table within contanct/company/deal.


This is a pain and means that our users don't find the deals using the reference as they only use the in-context search, not the site search.


Please update the functionality to include custom properties which are marked as 'add to search' to be included in the in-context search field


Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 12.33.09.pngResults when using the nameScreenshot 2018-11-05 at 12.34.04.pngCannot find same items by reference when using the in-context searchScreenshot 2018-11-05 at 12.55.38.pngCan find when using the site search




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@SteveArmitage has great idea and it would be very vauluable to add the function to serach for custom properties. 

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Please release this feature soon! I just changed companies and my old workplace used Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It was a giant slow elephant, but the most useful feature it had was a really good advanced search. My new company uses Hubspot, and I was shocked when I saw how limited the search functionality was. Please get this live ASAP!

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That's very important feature for users. Hope it can be released as soon as possible.

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Is there any update on the status of this feature? I agree it is an essential function of the API to return contacts based on searching properties.

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Hi there


Agree - We are looking to move to Hubspot CRM Prof. and looking into the features and API capabilities. This is a bit of a limitation on the API and would be great if we can pull based on a custom property as well as to pull ALL records and not 100 at a time. I can understand some of the reasoning behind it though but it would be nice if the API does remove some of the limits like this.


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Our company is planning to move from Dynamics 365/CRM to Hubspot.   Am also surprised to see how limited the search functionality is.      Is now been 2+ years since this was raised   :-(