Search contacts, companies and deals by custom properties

We need the ability to search (not filter) based on custom properties.


Use case: I am speaking with someone on LinkedIn and need to find them within the CRM. Her name and email do not give the correct results.


If I could search her by LinkedIn URL (custom property) I would always get the correct results because people have many email addresses but only one LinkedIn URL.

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changed to: Delivered
Aug 19, 2019

This feature has been delivered and is included in any of our Enterprise Hubs.

changed to: In Beta
Aug 27, 2018

changed to: In Planning
Apr 4, 2017

We think this is a great idea. We've discussed ways of allowing users to search for custom properties instead of having to filter for them.

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I can't understand why the ability to search for contacts or companies by a custom property (i.e. account number) would be only available to Enterprise level accounts. Does Hubspot not think that smaller companies use account numbers or have the need to be able to search by these terms? This makes the CRM wholly unusable. For such a simple ability, you really are making it difficult to continue selling Hubspot. 

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@bramabrandon I completely agree! @AndyPitre Please make this feature available to all tiers.