Search contacts, companies and deals by custom properties

We need the ability to search (not filter) based on custom properties.


Use case: I am speaking with someone on LinkedIn and need to find them within the CRM. Her name and email do not give the correct results.


If I could search her by LinkedIn URL (custom property) I would always get the correct results because people have many email addresses but only one LinkedIn URL.

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Hi, Is there perhaps any traction or updates on this?

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I agree with Abram.  This is must have!!

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This is also absolutely critical to us, too. We're trying to build various integrations to the Hubspot platform, but this severe limitation is creating a lot of roadblocks. When is this going to be available? Having worked with dozens of different API's, advanced search is a staple of every other CRM platform. This is by far the most limited functionality I've ever seen.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

This feature has been delivered and is included in any of our Enterprise Hubs.

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That is great news, thank you! Will the API documentation be updated soon? How do we use this feature?