Search contacts, companies and deals by custom properties

We would like the ability to query the Contacts/Companies API and pass in a property and a string to return a list of potential matches.



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Great idea - I would like to see this too

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Was thinking that too, shouldn't be a tough feature to add in. It will save a whole lot of time for me.

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I'm also responding as a need to query based on Custom Properties. I'm surprised this is not an existing feature.

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My phone system is querying hubspot and pulling a contact based on a matched phone number.  The phone system is routing the call to the appropriate customer service rep.  The customer service rep is responsible for the company.  We need the ability to pull the customer service rep associated with the company that the contact is calling from.  Without this ability we'll have to store company information (such as service rep) on the contact record.  This is not ideal.  If only there was a way through json to query the contact record based on the phone number: and then query the company record for the support rep eg.

as far as I can tell this functionality works for contacts, but not properties.

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If we could do this, we would not need to maintain our own "bespoke CRM" and poll updated companies all the time!

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Really wish this existed. Without the ability to search companies, even just by name, we need to make multiple queries to HubSpot to retrieve all companies (through paging) and then do the searching within our own back-end. This obviously creates unnecessary complexity in our integration but also unnecessary load on HubSpot's servers.

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How is this not a thing?


*gets on knees

Please create!!!

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This would be so good to dedupe contacts based on non-email IDs, I'm so looking forward to it

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I'm so frustrated that this isn't already done.  We've made the decision to move to HubSpot CRM away from our prior CRM, but come to find out it's not yet a complete product, and I'll have to do a bunch of work to mitigate the lack of this fairly simple feature.

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Search by name at a minimum.


Hang in there everyone. Call your customer success manager, call your sales rep. Let them know that the API teams need more resources. Also tell them that hubspot should be focusing on making their API's first!