Search contacts, companies and deals by custom properties


We need the ability to search (not filter) based on custom properties.


Use case: I am speaking with someone on LinkedIn and need to find them within the CRM. Her name and email do not give the correct results.


If I could search her by LinkedIn URL (custom property) I would always get the correct results because people have many email addresses but only one LinkedIn URL.

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We think this is a great idea. We've discussed ways of allowing users to search for custom properties instead of having to filter for them.


This is a major issue we are facing as well, we NEED to be able to search for custom properties and not just filter for them. Does anyone know of a fix, workaround or even a 3rd party extension that can do this? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.


Will this update also extend to the iOS app and having the ability to search for custom and other properties within the Contacts view? We specifically need to be able to search by company name when in the Contacts view within the app. Right now you can only searcth by contact first and last name and email. This functionality exists in the desktop version, but not the app.


Hi @AndyPitre,


Is there a way this could also include regular properties, like notes, emails, tasks, etc. Like a keyword search essentially? It's been requested below:


I thought I'd bump this as it's already in planning?






 I fully support this custom property (and even notes) search function, specifically for Contacts.


For me, this is part of a more generic but high priority request to make the CRM a more comprehensive general CRM as opposed to being and adjunct to the Hubspot marketing platform. To be a great general CRM, customised properties, displays and reports are essential, as are groups. Users will use options each in their own way for use-cases that the developers can't imagine. That's the point; stop responding to how you think users are using or will use the CRM and instead focus on providing the flexible options that other generic CRMs have discovered (through years of trial & error and customer feedback) to be the necessary ones.


Copy ACT (and many more recent ones) in terms of function & flexibility added to what you already have and you will have a world-beating product.

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Likewise, I think this would be an incredibly useful piece of functionality.


I feel you should be able to type any info in the seach bar for a contact and have it seatch all contact properties, better to have a small list to look at and sort thru vs. not having any results at all when you know a person is in your system.

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I agree with Abram.  This is must have.


"Most importantly, I would like the ability to GET contacts via the API using custom properties."

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I agree with Abram. This is must have.

"Most importantly, I would like the ability to GET contacts via the API using custom properties."


I am trying to promote Hubspot as our primary company process management tool. This requires seemless interface with our backend (rigid!) accounts package where we ultimately create our quotes / orders / invoices. 


To effectively use HS as our primary business tool we need to be able to search on order number / invoice number etc. We can relatively easily push this data into HS but then it is impossible to search on them. This is a fundimental barrier to broader use of HS as our primary company organisation / workflow tool.


I understand HS is coming at it from the sales / inbound marketing end, BUT it's simple, basic functionalities could provide an awesome platform for broader use across the business - giving the whole team complete visibility on historical + ongoing customer / supplier comms on all orders. We work in relatively custom, system supply business.... with lots of comms on the specifications of most orders.


We have just created a Fulfilment pipeline as a means for sales people to be able to see exactly what is going on and where their orders are sitting in the fulfilment process, which can take from 2 days to 6 weeks to complete. Every closed won Deal generates a new Fulfilment deal (using workflow rules) and a new Fulfilment HS user is identified as the owner of the fulfilment process and achieving the ship date. To make this work, all we need is to be able to tie Quote numbers to Sales Deals and Order / Invoice numbers to Fulfilment deals.


Ideally we could do this by changing the status of the Deal from sales to fulfilment so all info is in one place BUT I realise that is too big an ask right now!!


So for now, I just want to be able to search on custom properties and we'll work around everything esle!




I struggle with same issue. Maybe my custom solution will help.

I use HUBSPOT API to do this


Read my tutorial:




We also need to be able to search by company name when in the Contacts view within the app. Right now you can only search by contact first and last name and email.


This is a must have for us as well. We use Salesforce, and I've been testing Hubspot for a small subset of our team before we scale up to everyone. Our users create groups that we keep track of by unique ID and I need to be able to search by ID, otherwise, many groups are self-named the same thing.


I've liked Hubspot so far, though I've come across various small issues. This missing search functionality is a big one though, and very well could mean that we don't switch to Hubspot after our test month. It seems like common sense to be able to easily search through everything you add. If the worry is that the search dropdown will be overwhelmed, then maybe add additional search functionality as an advanced search button.


This is  a must have also for us.

We need to search deals by custom properties.

Hope yoou'll fix it asap.


BR, Attilio


This is essential for my business. I seldom need to search for name nor email but on a custom property that is unique for each customer so filters do not solve this for me.


Hoping to see this feature soon 🙂




Any update on this? Let's make it happen! Thank you. 


Not being able to perform a search on custom properties is really limiting what we can do with your platform.  Please include this functionality on the api as well.  Thanks.


Thank goodness! 🙏 something I've wanted since I started using HS! Only other company that did this was Propserworks. Absolutely essential!


This is a fantastic idea and would be extremely useful for our team.


Our clients' companies usually have a different dba name and legal company name, but the search bar currently can only search by the dba name. It would help our sales team efficiency to quickly search the dba name and legal company name without needing to use filters.