Search contact by name when associating conversation to contact

Sometimes, I have to disassociate a conversation from an internal contact, and reassociate it.  When I click on Associate, I would like to be able to search for a contact based on their name, phone number or partial email address rather than their complete email address.


Note: This is really a missed feature / bug that Hubspot support rejected as such...

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We need this as well.


We have our voice mails from our voip provider e-mailed to our converations inbox and obviously the contact is accociated with the voip provider. People who call in my not have an e-mail address as a lot of our contacts do not have an e-mail address so we always have to create a duplicate contact and then merge the two under contacts.


Even if they do have an e-mail address it's more natural to remember the person's name instread of the e-mail address...