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Search Tickets by Company Name, Contact Name

I would really like to be able to search tickets by company name, and/or by contact name. Right now, it's difficult to navigate them using only the ticket name if you don't remember it precisely.


Would love to know how everyone is working around that right now, too!

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I agree. This would make the ticket handling a lot more managable. 

For now try to use the "Ctrl+F" search funtionality. It might do the trick 🙂 


Ctrl+F is the poor mans alternative. We need to be able to search and/or filter on this. We will have a large number of tickets - not being able to search on this is just not good enough... 



Agreed, this needs to be implemented sooner rather than later.  If your ticket status is not "Closed", and you still need access to the ticket, but cannot remember the name of it, you waste so much time trying to go back and find it.  


Agreed this is a basic functionality for ticket API. It doesn't seem to be a lot of work to add filters for the results. Advanatge of doing this is also that it will improve the data transfer and load on Hubspot systems as well. Under the current system they are just pullling loads of tickets data


This functionality is definitely a must for all of our support agents, it is extremely frustrating that the terms are never found, such a waste of time.


I am definitely regretting moving away from Zendesk.


This is such a basic requirement for any support team. Needing to go back into historical and current tickets is proving difficult and a waste of time that we could spend on actually solving a customer query.

If this can't be solved, going back to Zendesk will be the only option for us!


The search function is so clunky, it is infuriating. Work flow is stilted and not efficient.



I cannot believe that this is not already implemented. This should be a basic function and it is such a pain when trying to filter tickets. Please advise!!