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There needs to be a feature within HubSpot that allows users to search pages for words or phrases so that a change can be made.


For example, I received a call this morning from a prospect that needed our services. It turned out that his business was too small for us to take on, but he mentioned that on our website it said that we helped businesses of all shapes and sizes. So I began to look for this phrase...


It took forever, but finally, I found it: 


We serve companies of all sizes, from globalized Fortune 500s and regional players to start-ups and single proprietorships. No client is too big or too small.


Is there a way that HubSpot can make the pages indexable so that we can find the content on the pages much more quickly and faster than a search of all the pages? I think this would be great for the users.


Additionally, I have been fighting for this for months, but why can't website pages have folders as well? Landing pages have folders, but website pages don't?? 


This makes no sense and would help for the logical positioning of pages within folders to help users easily search and edit specific content.

Can these changes be made?

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Agree with your first point to be able to search for a phrase - for both landing pages & emails so if something needs to be removed/edited it can be easily found anywhere that it's been mentioned!