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Once I logged email to contacts, I expected I would be able to search on keywords and/or subject lines in order to search for specific logged emails.  It is VERY inconvenient to try and find specific logged emails by manually scrolling through a given contact's activity stream emails.  Of course, I am filtering just for "sales emails" but there's still lots of email to scroll through.  I would like to suggest a search function for contacts activity stream.  Thank you. 

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Jun 14, 2021

Thanks for submitting this idea! Search is something we would like to make more robust on the activity timeline in the CRM. We are still a ways out from having the ability to search email bodies efficiently so I am going to leave this as "Not Currently Planned" for the time being.

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Jul 17, 2018

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May 22, 2018

Hey everyone,

We have built out the ability to search for contacts, companies and deals by the engagements on their timeline. This currently works in the global searchbar located in the navigation. Currently, we are searching email subject, notes, associated tasks, and call notes. 

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I am going to vote for this-- being able to search through contact engagement data (call notes, emails sent/received, etc.) is just so important especially as the groups get bigger.  I thought this was in there since all the other CRMs I tested had it (and so does SF and that's old as dirt.  


Thanks HS for considering this important extension of your search. 



This is a very important feature for me.  I agree with pboudy that the search should scan all contact fields.


Agreed, searching in the crm should offer a bit more information.

The salesforce search is very comprehensive and shows info in emails or notes as possible matches to the search criteria


 There is no excuse for not having this functionality. It should be the top priority. 


Absolutley this is a must have feature!  Even microsoft outlook contacts has the ability to search type in notes!  Please Hubspot add this feature.


I also agree. I don't understand what the feature designates to company name. Makes no sense whatsoever. 


This is 100% necessary!


A shame it doesn't exist.


Why would I only want to search contact or deal name?


Should be a global search of all data within Hubspot CRM


Big upvote here, as well. Being able to search through all text for all activities (not just emails, but also calls and notes) would be so powerful. Other tools have it, so I think it would help make HubSpot even more competitive.


We need to be able to search with a keyword. And have all results from notes, email log contact deal etc.


E.i.  I have a client X who sent all his B deals to this other client Y. they are both in my database I have almost 1000 clients. I added in my notes under client X that i have to contact client Y to get his deals. so when I do a search with clientY only the contact come up, I need the Notes also to come up since I mentionned him in clientX notes, but that part wont come up and i cant remember client X's name

Basically I would like to do a search with a name and see all places where its been mentionned (deals contact notes etc)


Thank you for your help




 Yes, this is problem I am running into now. I want to be able to search for a keyword across all of my contacts, companies, deals, and emails!


Anyone from HubSpot: Is there any plan to add a decent search tool that can scan throught the contact notes?

If yes, any target time?




Agree, I cannot use the software without being able to search email and notes.  I don't understand how anyone can.


It is a serious limitation for a CRM not being able to make full text searches. While full text email search utility can be subjectve (you can still search using gmail or your email client) , it's absolutely required for notes at least!


But where is the button to upvote!??? 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone,

We have built out the ability to search for contacts, companies and deals by the engagements on their timeline. This currently works in the global searchbar located in the navigation. Currently, we are searching email subject, notes, associated tasks, and call notes. 


@bkeller, the search functionality you mention is useful, but not what is being asked for in this idea. We want to be able to search for a specific note or an email message. For example, I know that I spoke with a contact about a particular project idea a few months ago, and I want to review the notes. I can type in some details about the project in search and it will find the contact and provide a snippet of the email in the search result browser, but clicking on the result will just bring me to the contact, not to the emails itself. For many of my contacts, I have dozens of emails, and scrolling down to find the email is very cumbersome as those in this thread have noted.

If you want people to spend more time using hubspot, and making it a valuable repository for finding information about your sales discussions, this is a must have feature!


 @bkeller this has NOT been delivered.  Please correct the status of this, so we don't have to open a new one and lose this data.

Yes, what @tlindeman said.  The global search is nice, but not what this is asking for.  We need to search _within_ an activity stream (contact/company/deal) for a specific keyword.

Using Gmail/Jira style search terms in the global search might be a good UX here:
* Gmail style = deal:"deal name" keyword

* Jira style = deal = "deal name" AND text ~ keyword


That or just have another search on top of each activity stream that searches within that activity stream for a keyword(s)


Huge productivity booster here.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team



Absolutely.. Programming the functionality would be easy and most CRM systems, email systems and even file manager(!) can look inside content to find a word or string.