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Once I logged email to contacts, I expected I would be able to search on keywords and/or subject lines in order to search for specific logged emails.  It is VERY inconvenient to try and find specific logged emails by manually scrolling through a given contact's activity stream emails.  Of course, I am filtering just for "sales emails" but there's still lots of email to scroll through.  I would like to suggest a search function for contacts activity stream.  Thank you. 

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We recently adopted hubspot and would love for different users to be able search via the Outlook add-in for contacts that someone else on our team has added to the CRM. I've seen this ability to search for contact information (e.g., email) via the Outlook add-in referenced in several help articles, notably this.  However, that functionality does not exist for us. Instead we just have: 



Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This search contact funtionality is also a similar issue I am experiecing in addition to this issue;

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This is almost laughable. When I do global search. These are how the results are shown. How can I even know which contact these results are associated with.


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Hi ! It would be awesome to get a real Search Results Page with all kind of records that mention the keyword the user is looking for (for example, organized by information types deal, contact, company ...).


Thank you very much !

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I need to be able to search for emails / pages / contacts without needing a direct string match.


For example, if I have a list called "North America Product Contacts," I should be able to enter the text "North America Contacts" and have this email come up, but right now you have to remember the exact name which is absurd.