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Search Dashboard Reports



I'd like the ability to search a dashboard report, or search the entire dashboard. Currently we can set filters on individual reports or the entire dashboard, in addtion to this, I'd like search boxes on the reports and dashboard that would allow searching (filtering) the results from the reports. This would be similar to the search functionality on the deals, contacts and companies pages.


It would also be great if the search also takes the fields displayed in the reports into consideration.


Although the filters are great, being able to type in a bit of text is both faster and simpler/easier for our users.

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We need this as well. I have a number of custom reports in both the Sales and the Marketing dashboards, and need to be able to search within the boxes for a specific company (for example). Sorting alphabetically, then paging through many screens to get to the entry I'm searching for is extremely time-consuming and tedious.


I also need this badly. Please help!