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Recently implemented Hubspot & am absolutely shocked & disgusted to find that I cannot search for a keyword in emails only in the subject line of the email. How is this possible in 2020 in a CRM system?!?!?!?! One of the reasons we implemented the system was to have a centralised activity history for each client so that we can find emails in one place without having to ask everyone to individually run a search in their outlook to find the email. Does anyone know if there are plans to fix this MASSIVE FLAW in the system or if there is any workaround I can use?

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February 21, 2024 02:28 AM

@LLynam and @CBergeron I am DMing you both with a meeting link. I can bring over the engineer working on this to understand if there is a bug and sort this out.

February 20, 2024 09:48 AM

@RKwok I would love to understand your use case a bit better. Will DM with a meeting link.

@AHWSOL That would be our next step with this.


@alexisrowell Only works in Global Search as of now, not on the the activities search in the record, unfortunately.

@LLynam Are you searching in Global Search?

February 16, 2024 11:38 AM

@dave-kimble Unfortunately, you can only do it from Global Search. However, Global Search is available on all those pages 😁

February 16, 2024 11:36 AM

This is now live 😀
Please share your feedback 🙏


Known Limitations

  1. The total number of searchable characters for each email is 10k. If your email is less than 10k characters, you can search by any term in it.
  2. When you find the email in Global Search, the term that you search by is currently not displayed on the search result and that can be confusing. We hope to fill this gap soon.



Being Reviewed
January 11, 2024 06:28 AM

Excited and nervous at the same time to say this is now in development 😀🙄

In Planning
November 30, 2023 07:16 AM

November 30, 2023 02:12 AM

Hey @NMaric and @CJAsha 
I joined HubSpot 1.5 years ago and the Global Search team less than a year ago, so personally, of course I didn't even know about this until a few months ago. I am pretty sure the PM before me had good reasons to not prioritize this over lots of other important work. I know that the team had finished doing some significant work to improve the relevance of the search results when I joined the team removing about 1 million irrelevant results per day from the search results HubSpot serves.


Hey @alexisrowell 

I don't wanna make a hard promise but as this feature is the team's topmost priority for delivering at the end of Jan 2024/start of Feb 2024 after finishing up on our backend performance improvement work, so if your CRM Search and migration would take more than Q1 2024, we might just be on time for that.


Hey @PaulAuth . The keywords and language use case is interesting. Let's talk about it in DMs.

Hey @eddygearup I understand the disappointment and I would say the same. FWIW, Service Hub is doing some really great work in improving the whole suite and the way is getting integrated in all parts of HubSpot and even Service Hub is insane.


Hey @n_costa I have been facing a bit of an issue with the community system internally and unable to change the status. The community folks are geting it fixed and then I can move the status. But I can say for sure that this is not just "in planning" but already prioritized to be picked up after the holidays.

Everyone here, feel free to DM me here for feedback, requests or even on LinkedIn here.

November 08, 2023 07:23 AM

Hey @CJAsha  I just got back from vacation and can see the continued frustration. Unfortunately, the scale at which Global Search works and the amount of email content we deal with, a few weeks are not enough for us to roll this out. We are still working on preparing our infrastructure to be able to search the scale of email body content and it could take up to a quarter next year to just be able to do that. Rest assured, this is a top priority for us and we eagerly what to launch this to you all as soon as we can.

September 28, 2023 04:27 AM

Hey everyone. Product Manager for Global Search here. I understand the frustration (even I find it frustrating to not have this feature) and apologies for the delays here but be assured that searching by email body is on the top of our list. We are first prepping our system for this and making sure that this does not impact performace and reliability of Global Search because making it possible to search on whole email bodies across HubSpot is a pretty challenging feat.

I will send an update here once we have some progress.

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Did you find any solution ? This is a nightmare....


Plus 10000. Please implement asap.


Definitely want to see this feature added. I'm a little stunned that it isn't core email management functionality within HubSpot.


I'm absolutely shocked & disgusted if i cannot find text in body of emails!   Definitely want to see this feature added. More than 1 year without of reaction? HubSpot team what about it 

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Please upvote, so important to be able to search in the email body! Please realise this asap!


Yes why isn't there a search of the email body, crazy and ineffective to log them if there isn't any search possibility of this data.


This is still not available? 
Searching through the email content is very essential!

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We are looking to make some changes to the timeline search functionality on records that would allow for searching the body of emails from the record timeline. We will provide updates on availability and timing here as they become available!


Oh no seriously? I just ran head first into this need! There is no way to search Hubspot email contents?


This is ubsurd for a CRM and Service platform. I understand you guys are working on this functionality but it needed to happen yesterday. Not being able to serach for things is an absolute nightmare and we wouldn't have chosen HubSpot if we knew about this ahead of time. 


please make this available asap. its a basic function that other crms which offer less than Hubspot have. 



Same goes for the body of Tickets - need to be able to search all tickets


I absolutely support this suggestion.

Is there any update on the progress?


It is really awkward to not be able to search e-mail bodies.

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Thank you all for your feedback! I just wanted to provide a quick update to let you all know that we started work on this but have hit some unexpected roadblocks in the process. I am going to leave the status as "In Planning" until we learn more about potential paths forward.


Dear @Anonymous,


I am another paying customer of yours, who is astonished, shocked, becoming very angry and ultimately frustrated with the lack of such an elemental function. ( I would love to use all capital letters to emphasize my frustration!)


How is it possible to have a CRM and a Sales hub without the chance of searching in the most common communication format in the pandemic, Emails?!? By the intensity of the reaction of the other users, this should have been implemented immediately.



Kevin, you have mentioning Roadblocks, without explaining them, why?  No timeline either, why? How can it be so complicated to implement the already existing function (called search) in an additional section (email body)??? It makes me wonder about the priorities of the Hubspot development team. Are Sales-Hub customers not important to you? is the Sales-Hub part just the second- or third-class Hub of Hubspot?


As I mentioned to our success manager, the feeling I am getting is that the whole Sales Hub is getting less and less attractive to us as a salesdriven company.

Would I have known the lack of that functionality, it would have been an absolute deal breaker! Now, it was my naivety, to assume that a CRM of sales hub would have an absolute basic function and that is to search in an email conversation. Am I wrong?


Please excuse my harsh words but the level of frustration is pretty high!


Looking forward to your response



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Hi @MLanz thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. I am sorry to hear this is causing challenges for you and your team.


To provide some insight into why this project is challenging for our team to address, we are in the process of shifting how activities are stored and accessed throughout the entire HubSpot system in order to help us scale for the future. These types of changes require coordination across dozens of teams internally to make sure we are doing things consistently so other tools that rely on this data model do not break and can continue to accommodate new features as they are added without any performance degradation.


As a rule, we don't provide estimated dates of delivery for new features and product changes. This ensures we deliver high-quality features that meet your expectations. More information about why we don’t provide dates can be found on the Ideas Forum Users' Guide.


Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. I hope you have a great weekend!


Hi Kevin, I'm happy to hear the team is working on this. We are in the process of team adaptation of Hubspot and the major concern stalling our efforts right now is not being able to search email bodies. Because this function is unavailable, our team continues to also manage clients in Gmail; their email body search is great.


We had a team memeber trying to be a team player and utilize hubspot waste 10 minutes trying to find someting by reviewing client emails manually in Hubspot. After not finding it they found it pretty much instantaniously with gmail. We can't be wasting this time every time we need informaiton.


This managing of clients in both Gmail and Hubspot really distroys the goal of becoming more organized and efficient with Hubspot CRM. The entire reason we chose Hubspot.


It sounds like you're working on this, and I get not committing, but we need this feature fixed fast. I see many others do too and I'm sure most of the community is having issues wih this. Very surprised this is not available. Wish we were made aware of this in the sales process and onboarding... Manjor, major, major issue.


How can this be fixed soon? Although it sounds like the team is working on it, it also sounds like it could be awhile. We'd love to stay with Hubspot, considering the countless hours put into building our system but may not be abale to without this feature.


I so agree with this, searching only in titles of emails is useless. It is like Google search in the title of articles. Can't wait for this to be fixed.


Hi Hubspot team!

We just implement Hubspot Service Hub and we really need to be able to search in the email body and/or ticket activities with keywords.  Searching with the name or subject only is not enough.  Searching in the email/ticket body should be a basic function. One of our teams declined to use Service Hub and stayed with Zendesk because of this.  We are in transition from Gmail to Hubspot and the result is that we need to use both!  Service Hub was to simplify and secure our work.  Now we double our time doing the same things on the two platforms. It is really not efficient.  And the risk is now increased of losing information when replying. I hope you will find something soon to resolve this issue.

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Hi everyone! As a quick update here, we are working with our infrastructure team to determine the feasibility of a few different options.


I am curious to learn more about how long emails remain relevant for your team. Said differently, when you are looking for emails on a record, are you typically looking for emails that are older than 6 months? 2 years? 5 years? All time?