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The search functionality is rather limited. Companies and Contacts are sometimes entered with their official names but are often reffered to by an Allias. For instance Edward Stank may go by his middle name Drew. If someone searches for Drew they will never find the correct contact. Likewise a company name may not be how others refer to and subsequently search for that company. 

For instance a company may be offically named

University of State Research Affiliate Network

however it may be referred to by different a few different ways.


US Research Affiliates

Uni of State RAN


Contacts and Companies should have the ability to have one "Legal" name and multiple "Alias" names. Alias names should also be used for search.



Eventually an AI algorithm that better understands UT may refer to University of T*

and includes those in search results would be awesome.

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Hi @ksouligne , thank you for your feedback!

I'm moving this post to the Ideas Forum since we collect users' feedback in there and other users can find your idea/feedback easily. Please let me know if this isn't an idea post!


Yes please! We would really like this implemented as Company Names can be spelled with so many variations and aconyms, we can have alias domains, but alias Company Names would be extemely helpful



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I think we can search by email/website, maybe this could serve as a workaround for now?


I agree that serach functionality for names is not the best. In Sweden we spell a lot of names similar, like Thomas - Tomas, Rikard - Richard - Rickard and now you would need to search for each to find the correct person. Maybe a global Alias page where you add names that can be spelled differently and which would allow all to show in a search.