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Please have all "text" fields left aligned as is the norm. Im not sure why it has been made to align right. It is a HUGE inconvenience and makes HubSpot reports unusable when a long text property is one of the columns in a HubSpot report and the user has to scroll extensively to see the value in the text column. 

In a related issue, the scroll bar is supposed to appear when the rows or columns exceed the visible area. This doesnt happen. This combined with the text alignment issue forces the user to scroll up, down, right & left several times to be able to see the report. Ofcourse, as a result, the report becomes unusable.

Please take care of these two asap. These are not feature requests. These are basic functionality that have not been taken care of.

Thanks ! 

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I have the same issue.


We use reports within dashboards for operational, management and exec reports, so they are very important to me.  I want to use text fields within my reports, but right-alignment and automatic width setting of text fields make the report very hard to use.


To illustrate, text fields are formatted such that

(a) the text is right-aligned

(b) The column width is stretched to the width of the widest value being displayed


This means that you cannot see the start of all the entries; instead, you see the ends of the longest entries.  Shorter entries don't show up at all if they are a lot shorter than the longer entries (unless you scroll right to see them).  This makes it look as though there is nothing in the property for that record. 


I agree with the Original Poster that this is a significant deficiency.


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This is needed!

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I agree that this is needed! 

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This is such a pain in the butt, and I really do not understand it would ever be designed this way. It makes it so impossible to read.