Scheduling a Send to Non-Opens before First Email Has Been Sent

There should be a way to schedule an email send to a group of people that didn't open an email - but BEFORE the first email has even gone out.  In Listrak, this is called a "Repass" and they let you schedule this send when creating the first send.  Seems like something you should be able to do. I don't want to wait until the first emails sends, then create a list of those that received but did not open, then go back and schedule the email based on that list.  I should be able to schedule it all at once.  PS, I'm also not going to rely on a workflow to do this.

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An alternative to this, is allowing users to create a list based on a scheduled email.

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To expand on this good idea, I want to create a workflow that creates a followup task for sales reps to call a contact after the contact clicks on a link in the email. I can schedule the email but I can't create the workflow until AFTER the email is sent because only SENT emails are selectable in Workflow enrollment criteria. So now I have to create a reminder for myself to go back into HubSpot after the email goes out and create or finish the workflow. Royal pain.


HubSpot needs to allow users to select any email for Enrollment Criteria.