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I have quite a few scheduled events on my calendar. it would be helpful if there was a Scheduled Meetings page. Where I could see a list or calendar view of all meetings. I can currently see these meetings on my Google Calendar, but there is a problem with only having the way of reviewing my meetings: They are mixed in with all my other calendar events and not easily spotted. I would recommend that the meetings view offer a list form, such an upcoming tasks view, and a calendar view so I can easily see how many meetings are scheduled for each day or week.

NOTE: This idea originally included additional asks around filtering and reporting on meetings. If you are interested in meeting reporting, please upvote this idea instead so we can gauge community interest.


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Feb 7, 2021

@HammockWeb - thanks for the additional feedback. It sounds like one of your main goals is to have a full calendar inside of HubSpot that allows you to see your HubSpot scheduled meetings and those scheduled meetings of your team, but not necessarily every event on your calendar? 


@Rachel_KL - I'd recommend creating a new idea on the forum for drilldown reporting on meeting links, or adding your feedback to this idea here

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Jan 19, 2021

Hi HubSpot Community,


I'm happy to announce that we have now delivered a scheduled meetings view inside of HubSpot. To find your scheduled meetings view, navigate to Sales>Tasks. On the right hand of the page you'll see a sidebar, with a tab specifically for your schedule:





In order to see events in your schedule tab, you'll need to connect your Google or Office 365 calendar with HubSpot. After doing so, you will see your scheduled events for the day. 


Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!



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Dec 18, 2019

Hi HubSpot Community!


Scott from the product team here. Reading through this idea and its comments, there seems to be a couple of ideas represented here: 


1) Being able to view a list of meetings in HubSpot - similar to what a calendar view would provide. 

2) Being able to better report on meetings (# of meetings per week by rep, meeting outcomes, etc.). 


While we're planning to address both of these ideas in the coming quarters, we're first focused on building out an experience on desktop and mobile that will allow you to see a list of your scheduled meetings inside of HubSpot.  


If you're interested in getting beta access to this feature once it's available, please take a moment to fill out this short beta form:


Here's a sneak peek of what a scheduled meetings view could look like in HubSpot web and mobile applications (please note these designs are subject to change pending your feedback!):


Agenda.pngimage (4).png


*Note: if you upvoted this idea because you were most interested in meetings reporting, please upvote this idea instead which is more specific to meeting reporting. 





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Feb 26, 2019

Aug 25, 2017

It would be awesome to run lists based on more than the four Meetings properties that are currently available in the tool. For example, it would be great to report based off certain properties like Meeting Name, Location, etc., and would really give the Meetings tool a competitive edge!

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As a sales manager, I like that I can get a quick glance at how many meetings are being booked per business development rep, but I would like to be able to click into the report to see the underlying accounts.  This is important for many reasons like business reviews, month end reporting, compensation, etc.  That isn't something that is available today and agreed that this seems to be a HUGE oversight.  Since the post about this idea is pretty old and hasn't been fixed yet, I have to weigh my options for other CRMs


Yes! This would be a great feature! Especially, if I can see it for all my sales reps!
Number of meetings booked, when and with what rep. 

Ideally just added to the reps task list - just like you have calls, emails and to-dos - just add meeitngs. 

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@emibenderlassen exactly! Having them in the Tasks view with an export option would be perfect.


Hi guys,


I just wanted to point you to something that might help eliminate some of the pain associated with this.


From the Sales Dashboard, you can click Add Report, then scroll down to Meetings and there you will find a Meetings widget which you can add to your Dashboard.


There are also a few more widgets/reports that might help you achieve what you are looking for. Among them a Task widget.


It's not the most elaborate, but it is a step in the right direction!


Would be very useful. Trying to build out dashboards and not finding the current task/meeting views very helpful. Our sales team schedules things pretty far out - so the list of items can get a little overwhelming.


@danyelb that's really helpful. Thanks!

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It would be great if there was a property called Next Meeting Booked that has the date of when the meeting is supposed to be held. This way, as a Sales Ops person, I could go into a report and see how many calls each rep has on the current day. 

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This is a great idea. I would like to be able to see how many of my sales reps have even connected their Google/Outlook calendars. At the moment, there is no way for me to see how many of my reps have even connected their calendars without having to go to each rep and ask. Given the meetings functionality has to be connected at the user level, we need a managerial look at all of our reps within the main meetings screen.


Yes! The Meetings feature needs a lot of work.

  1. We need a feature to allow us to know if the meeting actually happened. 
  2. We need to be able to reschedule meetings. While you can currently change the date on the contact record, doing so stops reminders from being sent out and does not update the calendar invite.
  3. Give the option for multiple meetings to be booked at the same time
  4. Please please please make the "schedule" tab on contact records connect with Outlook. Right now I have my team scheduling meetings with their leads using the meetings link, which is not ideal. We need to be able to schedule in outlook with the schedule tab and be able to set automated calendar invites, confirmation emails, and reminder emails through there. 
  5. In the meetings link form it says "Your Email Address" for the email form field. I wish we could edit that as we are having our team members schedule emails through that link and sometimes they accidentally put in their own email addresses instead of the lead's email address.
  6. As many have mentioned, the ability to see meetings in a list the way you see tasks in a list is crucial as well. The way it is now makes it so hard to keep track of meetings, especially if one contact has multiple meetings scheduled.

Meetings have so much potential but right now are so limited and almost unusable. We have to do everything in a roundabout fashion and it comprimises our data integrity.


Please do something about this! 

‎I am quoting seamonsterwes as it is exactly what I am thinking: 

How about a "Booked Meetings" status page? Calendar is great, but we book meetings from all sorts of resources, and it would be helpful to see a segregated view of Hubspot meetings that have been booked, within the hubspot dashboard. 


I agree completely. We just started using HubSpot and this is the only thing my team is complaining about. I want to see my tasks and meetings in one place so I can plan my day.


It would be great if we could see a list of all meetings booked within the crm overall rather than having to use dashboards / reports. Something similar to the inbox functionality?


Love this idea. As one who migrated over from Calendly when I upgraded my HubSpot to Sales Starter, I miss the "all in one place" meetings list. Please bring this to HubSpot Meetings.

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HubSpot Product Team
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@sjudson This is great news! Any update on timeline. 


Having a Hubspot calendar that displays calls and meetings would be helpful to reconcile meetings in Outlook and in HS





Really good idea.  We need an overview of all meetings scheduled, for a conference/event/show we'll have 20 meetings scheduled by 6 different people and we would love a way to show them in order by date then time.


Totally agreed! We are currently in testing phase prior to deciding on a vendor for a full migration and this issue is one of our biggest sticking points with Hubspot.. Resolving this would be a major plus for Hubspot in the final decision-making process.


Same here! We have Gmail Suite integration but I'm not sure what is what, as on Gmail we have plenty of Calendars in the team and plenty of "Meetings" where many are invited but they should not count as sales meetings...

Agree with the above. We're using the Enterprise version.



Agreed!  A great idea. me and my team schedules alot of meetings and its part of their targets.. thats one thing we are missing and having to keep our old system because that shows our meetings