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Scheduled Meetings View

I have quite a few scheduled events on my calendar. it would be helpful if there was a Scheduled Meetings page. Where I could see a list or calendar view of all meetings. I can currently see these meetings on my Google Calendar, but there is a problem with only having the way of reviewing my meetings: They are mixed in with all my other calendar events and not easily spotted. I would recommend that the meetings view offer a list form, such an upcoming tasks view, and a calendar view so I can easily see how many meetings are scheduled for each day or week.

NOTE: This idea originally included additional asks around filtering and reporting on meetings. If you are interested in meeting reporting, please upvote this idea instead so we can gauge community interest.


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September 19, 2021 03:52 PM

Hi Community,


We are still keeping our eyes on some major elements of this idea for future work in meetings and scheduling. We are currently showing some elements on the calendar in tasks, but we plan to provide more visibility in more ways, to provide more visibility for teams, managers and individuals. This might include views of Meetings scheduled as a database (similar to Calls) as well as calendar views to view meetings in the context of team calendars. This work will be reviewed and prioritzed based on a number of other potential projects, and likely will fall some time in 2022.


The team is currently in progress working on these 2 projects:

1. The ability to insert specific, clickable times into email

2. The ability for attendees to cancel and reschedule using the Meetings scheduling experience (idea here)


Once these projects are completed, we plan to make some big updates to the scheduling experience from a contact record in the CRM, which we plan should solve this problem and greatly expand the use-cases, flexibily, and convenience for scheduling 1-off meetings. 

February 07, 2021 08:57 AM

@HammockWeb - thanks for the additional feedback. It sounds like one of your main goals is to have a full calendar inside of HubSpot that allows you to see your HubSpot scheduled meetings and those scheduled meetings of your team, but not necessarily every event on your calendar? 


@Rachel_KL - I'd recommend creating a new idea on the forum for drilldown reporting on meeting links, or adding your feedback to this idea here

January 19, 2021 01:40 PM

Hi HubSpot Community,


I'm happy to announce that we have now delivered a scheduled meetings view inside of HubSpot. To find your scheduled meetings view, navigate to Sales>Tasks. On the right hand of the page you'll see a sidebar, with a tab specifically for your schedule:





In order to see events in your schedule tab, you'll need to connect your Google or Office 365 calendar with HubSpot. After doing so, you will see your scheduled events for the day. 


Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!



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December 18, 2019 06:24 AM

Hi HubSpot Community!


Scott from the product team here. Reading through this idea and its comments, there seems to be a couple of ideas represented here: 


1) Being able to view a list of meetings in HubSpot - similar to what a calendar view would provide. 

2) Being able to better report on meetings (# of meetings per week by rep, meeting outcomes, etc.). 


While we're planning to address both of these ideas in the coming quarters, we're first focused on building out an experience on desktop and mobile that will allow you to see a list of your scheduled meetings inside of HubSpot.  


If you're interested in getting beta access to this feature once it's available, please take a moment to fill out this short beta form:


Here's a sneak peek of what a scheduled meetings view could look like in HubSpot web and mobile applications (please note these designs are subject to change pending your feedback!):


Agenda.pngimage (4).png


*Note: if you upvoted this idea because you were most interested in meetings reporting, please upvote this idea instead which is more specific to meeting reporting. 





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February 26, 2019 04:55 AM

August 25, 2017 05:03 PM

It would be awesome to run lists based on more than the four Meetings properties that are currently available in the tool. For example, it would be great to report based off certain properties like Meeting Name, Location, etc., and would really give the Meetings tool a competitive edge!

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It would be very helpful to be able to have a calendar view on the HubSpot Dashboard.  When I come into HubSpot I would like to see meetings that are scheduled for the day along with Tasks, etc.


like we can track task in the Task menu, is it possible to present all coming meeting in one menu? like we can do and see in the task menu?

HubSpot Product Team

@dmarcouiller can you please clarify where in the Meetings tool you are hoping to see this? If you are wondering how to see all upcoming meetings, the Meetings tool books directly to your calendar, so you can see all upcoming meetings there!


How about a "Booked Meetings" status page? Calendar is great, but we book meetings from all sorts of resources, and it would be helpful to see a segregated view of Hubspot meetings that have been booked, within the hubspot dashboard. 


Is it possible to see meetings booked with me on my Task view page?


This is one of the major disadvantages of HS Sales compared to Salesforce.  Why no native calendar?


Agreed. In Salesforce you can see a calendar list of all upcoming tasks, but Hubspot just has one giant pot of all future tasks?


Also the fact that meetings people schedule with me via Hubspot don't appear on my task list is not great. Would love to see that integrated.


+1. Would be great.


Create a way to track meetings by date and meeting owner.  Tracking by Meeting source would be even better (scheduled from a template, created manually, etc.)


Sales Reporting - Our team cant see where in Hubspot they can see the Meetings that have been booked by the team - ie Contacts, dates etc. They can see in the dashboard the number of meetings booked and date but it doesn't give anyway of finding what they are... unless we are missing something


Have the same issue. Support!


Hi everyone,

I enjoy that I can meetings booked by my Sales rep on Sales Pro when they use the "Meeting" tools for HubSpot, however I would like it to click-through to a view to let me know the contacts they booked the meetings with so I can track if they are associated to marketing or other efforts.


As in, the report view: "Meetings Booked By Reps". Our Rep Matthew booked 3 meetings, I want it to also report who he has meetings with.


Would love to have a way to track how many meeting are booked from the differnt booking links my sales agents are using!


@hroberts isn't simple like that. I, for example, can see 10 meeting booked in my name on the dashboard meeting widget, but has no idea from what client are those. I also schedule meeting directly in my Google calendar and can't see for example what are meeting booked by clients trought my meeting links and the meeting I had scheduled by myself, directly in my google calendar. It happens the sam ewith my sales team.

It would help A LOT if we had an option to check all meeting bokked by our meeting links created in hubspot.  


We love hubspot, but this is one big issue.  We would like a calendar view to see existing appointments within hubspot so we don't have to switch over to google calendar to view them. 


Hello HubSpot,

I have to agree this is really needed in HubSpot CRM as the ideal situation with a CRM is that you live and breathe in it and decide to integrate it would something else if one wants.

Especially now with the introduction of Teams in CRM, I don't think Google Calendar integration will work anymore. Anyway, it was always kind of counter intuitive, to schedule something never have it appear in CRM, have to go into Google Calendar and set a Reminder.

Hopefully there is a quick and simple fix to this by just using the existing HubSpot Calendar interface that exist in Marketing and just port this to CRM.

Thank you HubSpot for considering this!


Absolutely ridiculous that a $50/mnth "CRM" has no meeting or calendar feature.


Mind = boggled.

HubSpot Product Team

It would be awesome to run lists based on more than the four Meetings properties that are currently available in the tool. For example, it would be great to report based off certain properties like Meeting Name, Location, etc., and would really give the Meetings tool a competitive edge!


Hello @hroberts,


I think what everyone would like to see is Meetings to be a real part of CRM, not just have them created in Google Calendar for example.


This isn't really practical as you don't see them when you are in CRM and also it requires a lot of secondary operations to schedule an actual reminder and so on.


I would recommend that there be a Sales Dashboard widget where one could see all of his/her planned Tasks and Meetings for a selected time period.


Thank you for considering this!




We are thinking of switching to hubspot from salesforce, but we need some vital information on our meetings:


1. Type of meeting

2. Meeting disposition (if the client showed up/answered the call). Just becuase there was a meeting scheudled, doesn't mean the meeting happened

3. We have appointment setters and we want to track how many appointments they booked (and how successful those appointments are), but they don't need to be included on the meeting. A "booked by" field with a drop down of names would be ideal


Why are we not able to add properties to meetings the way we can add them to contacts or deals?