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I have quite a few scheduled evetns on my calendar. it would be helpful if there was a Scheduled Meetings page. Where I could see a list or calendar view of all meetings. I can curently see these meetings on my Google Calendar, but there is two problems with only having the way of reviewing my meetings:

1. The are mixed in with all my other calendar events and not easilly spotted

2. More importantly, I can't perform any analysis of what type of meetings, which meeting links and which reps are making and managing meetings. For example, I may have several users making meetings. I can't view all meetings for "Mark" in one place. I can't analyze which type and length of meetings are most popular and also I can't easilly see summary info on the individual meetings very easilly.


I would recommend that the meetings view offer the following view options:

1. list form, such as upcoming tasks view

2. calendar view so I can easilly see how many meetings are scheduled for each day or week.

3. filter options by Hubspot user, date and type - oh, Hubspot meetings don't have a type fields associated with them? That should also be added.


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To CherylK

The first two points are covered in Hubspot, but the third, and in my view the most crucial point, isn't and is a big weakness in the Hubspot system. Currently there is no way to report on meetings like you can in Salesforce.

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To GrantK

Pardon my newness, but 1 and 2 are covered in hubspot? I can't figure out how to set up types for meetings or how to create dispostions in the meeting itself. Can you point me to some documentation on adding property fields to meetings? Currently in our settings we have Contact Properties, Company Properties, and Deal Properties. Where are Meeting Properties?

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Unless I'm missing something, it is impossible to create a list of meetings (scheduled or conducted) in CRM Tasks or on a Dashboard. You can get a total of meetings in a dashboard but not a list. If a manager wants to see a list of meetings scheduled or conducted by their reports they are out of luck. The data is there but just isn't reable (unless you are a developer).


Recomended enhancement:


Reveal meeting type in Tasks so you could list upcoming or past meetings by date range.

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This would be great. Even just a filter option under tasks to view only meetings

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Perhaps having a calendar view in the Tasks section would help a lot and include meeting as a task type.


That way you can also drag and drop to-dos, calls and emails to specific blocks of time on the calendar. See products like Sansama ( and Plan ( for inspiration. 

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I would like to be able to see a calendar in hubspot of all my meetings. 


i know that it goes to my outlook calender but there is no way to distinguish my customers who are booking appointments with me and my internal meetings, etc... (like it should come through on outlook as a certin color if it was done through my link) .


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I was about to submit this exact idea. It would be ideal to see all logged meetings that you've had in the past OR all upcoming scheduled meetings within Hubspot. Today, my team has to log the meeting or schedule the meeting in Hubspot, and then send the calendar meeting from Outlook - creating double work and inefficiencies. 

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I would like to be able to click back into the contact from google calendar, similiar to how the intergration works with email.




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Same issue. No need to go in more detail

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It would be great to have a weekly calendar view for all users for Meetings. Similar to the way any other calendar view software works so you can see an "at-a-glance" view daily for the week, vs. having meetings just listed out. 


This would enable other HS users to view every user schedule in one calendar view in the dashboard.