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I have quite a few scheduled events on my calendar. it would be helpful if there was a Scheduled Meetings page. Where I could see a list or calendar view of all meetings. I can currently see these meetings on my Google Calendar, but there is a problem with only having the way of reviewing my meetings: They are mixed in with all my other calendar events and not easily spotted. I would recommend that the meetings view offer a list form, such an upcoming tasks view, and a calendar view so I can easily see how many meetings are scheduled for each day or week.

NOTE: This idea originally included additional asks around filtering and reporting on meetings. If you are interested in meeting reporting, please upvote this idea instead so we can gauge community interest.


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Great idea! I've been reading articles for a while now looking for this feature.  Please add us to your lost when you roll the calendar feature out.  





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I am going to add my name to this as well. Would love to see better meeting functionality. 


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Hello, @HammockWeb in this case, I would suggest a software i.e., Acquire. With my personal experience, I think this software can satisfy the requirements you are asking for.

- With Acquire, you can book an appointment or a meeting while you are in a chat.
- You can see your past scheduled meetings and the meetings you are going to have in the coming time.
- The software even sends notification regarding your booked meetings through the mail.
- If the meeting gets canceled you can reschedule the meeting as well.
- You can have a calendar view of your meetings.

You can go through the page and book a demo for reference (

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completely agree - I cant see how many meetings my sales team have booked and that is, frankly, ridiculous

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Can we have the scheduled meetings view on the android app too please?  Like tasks, in same view maybe?

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So this idea has been around since 2017 and is still not fixed? I'm really impressed with Hubspot in many ways but this is just kind of silly to me. Please just get it done. Wildly needed feature.

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Posted earlier this year and I raised it with them again recently whilst discussing some other ongoing issues. They've done some work to do with the landing pages post-booking and we were invited to the beta, but its completely at odds with what people are asking for.


Its still ridiculous that I cannot see how many bookings anyone in my company has, when they are, who they are with etc etc. 

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A few months ago, I was asked to participate in a call discussion the positives and negatives of the product. My biggest negative was the lack of this meeting functionality and when I brought up a solution with a calendar view, meeting outcomes, etc. it was met with great feedback. The HubSpot rep I was speaking with even offered to put me in contact with the person in charge of revamping the Meetings functionality, but I have not heard anything since that meeting. Very disappointing to say the least!

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It's madness not to have a native calendar in Hubspot.   It's foundational.  Not having it has certainly not helped Hubspot adoption on our team.  

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HubSpot Product Team
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Hi HubSpot Community!


Scott from the product team here. Reading through this idea and its comments, there seems to be a couple of ideas represented here: 


1) Being able to view a list of meetings in HubSpot - similar to what a calendar view would provide. 

2) Being able to better report on meetings (# of meetings per week by rep, meeting outcomes, etc.). 


While we're planning to address both of these ideas in the coming quarters, we're first focused on building out an experience on desktop and mobile that will allow you to see a list of your scheduled meetings inside of HubSpot.  


If you're interested in getting beta access to this feature once it's available, please take a moment to fill out this short beta form:


Here's a sneak peek of what a scheduled meetings view could look like in HubSpot web and mobile applications (please note these designs are subject to change pending your feedback!):


Agenda.pngimage (4).png


*Note: if you upvoted this idea because you were most interested in meetings reporting, please upvote this idea instead which is more specific to meeting reporting.