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I have quite a few scheduled evetns on my calendar. it would be helpful if there was a Scheduled Meetings page. Where I could see a list or calendar view of all meetings. I can curently see these meetings on my Google Calendar, but there is two problems with only having the way of reviewing my meetings:

1. The are mixed in with all my other calendar events and not easilly spotted

2. More importantly, I can't perform any analysis of what type of meetings, which meeting links and which reps are making and managing meetings. For example, I may have several users making meetings. I can't view all meetings for "Mark" in one place. I can't analyze which type and length of meetings are most popular and also I can't easilly see summary info on the individual meetings very easilly.


I would recommend that the meetings view offer the following view options:

1. list form, such as upcoming tasks view

2. calendar view so I can easilly see how many meetings are scheduled for each day or week.

3. filter options by Hubspot user, date and type - oh, Hubspot meetings don't have a type fields associated with them? That should also be added.


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Have the same issue. Support!

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Hi everyone,

I enjoy that I can meetings booked by my Sales rep on Sales Pro when they use the "Meeting" tools for HubSpot, however I would like it to click-through to a view to let me know the contacts they booked the meetings with so I can track if they are associated to marketing or other efforts.


As in, the report view: "Meetings Booked By Reps". Our Rep Matthew booked 3 meetings, I want it to also report who he has meetings with.

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Would love to have a way to track how many meeting are booked from the differnt booking links my sales agents are using!

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@hroberts isn't simple like that. I, for example, can see 10 meeting booked in my name on the dashboard meeting widget, but has no idea from what client are those. I also schedule meeting directly in my Google calendar and can't see for example what are meeting booked by clients trought my meeting links and the meeting I had scheduled by myself, directly in my google calendar. It happens the sam ewith my sales team.

It would help A LOT if we had an option to check all meeting bokked by our meeting links created in hubspot.  

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We love hubspot, but this is one big issue.  We would like a calendar view to see existing appointments within hubspot so we don't have to switch over to google calendar to view them. 

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Hello HubSpot,

I have to agree this is really needed in HubSpot CRM as the ideal situation with a CRM is that you live and breathe in it and decide to integrate it would something else if one wants.

Especially now with the introduction of Teams in CRM, I don't think Google Calendar integration will work anymore. Anyway, it was always kind of counter intuitive, to schedule something never have it appear in CRM, have to go into Google Calendar and set a Reminder.

Hopefully there is a quick and simple fix to this by just using the existing HubSpot Calendar interface that exist in Marketing and just port this to CRM.

Thank you HubSpot for considering this!

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Absolutely ridiculous that a $50/mnth "CRM" has no meeting or calendar feature.


Mind = boggled.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

It would be awesome to run lists based on more than the four Meetings properties that are currently available in the tool. For example, it would be great to report based off certain properties like Meeting Name, Location, etc., and would really give the Meetings tool a competitive edge!

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Hello @hroberts,


I think what everyone would like to see is Meetings to be a real part of CRM, not just have them created in Google Calendar for example.


This isn't really practical as you don't see them when you are in CRM and also it requires a lot of secondary operations to schedule an actual reminder and so on.


I would recommend that there be a Sales Dashboard widget where one could see all of his/her planned Tasks and Meetings for a selected time period.


Thank you for considering this!



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We are thinking of switching to hubspot from salesforce, but we need some vital information on our meetings:


1. Type of meeting

2. Meeting disposition (if the client showed up/answered the call). Just becuase there was a meeting scheudled, doesn't mean the meeting happened

3. We have appointment setters and we want to track how many appointments they booked (and how successful those appointments are), but they don't need to be included on the meeting. A "booked by" field with a drop down of names would be ideal


Why are we not able to add properties to meetings the way we can add them to contacts or deals?