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I have quite a few scheduled evetns on my calendar. it would be helpful if there was a Scheduled Meetings page. Where I could see a list or calendar view of all meetings. I can curently see these meetings on my Google Calendar, but there is two problems with only having the way of reviewing my meetings:

1. The are mixed in with all my other calendar events and not easilly spotted

2. More importantly, I can't perform any analysis of what type of meetings, which meeting links and which reps are making and managing meetings. For example, I may have several users making meetings. I can't view all meetings for "Mark" in one place. I can't analyze which type and length of meetings are most popular and also I can't easilly see summary info on the individual meetings very easilly.


I would recommend that the meetings view offer the following view options:

1. list form, such as upcoming tasks view

2. calendar view so I can easilly see how many meetings are scheduled for each day or week.

3. filter options by Hubspot user, date and type - oh, Hubspot meetings don't have a type fields associated with them? That should also be added.


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Bumping this.


I'd love a way to search my contacts for who has had a meeting scheduled in the past as well as who currently has a meeting booked. It's an important stat for us, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to search for this. 


A list in my Meetings area of upcoming meetings as well as past meetings would be incredibly useful. Similar to how on Sequences you can see what emails are coming up and what ones have already been sent.


The meetings go on my calendar, but don't stand out from everything else I've booked. Plus, I have SDRs booking meetings for me, so it would be nice to see a list view of these meetings so I can easily see what's coming up for our sales team meetings.

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Bump this. The meetings needs an aggregated view like the tasks list in hubspot.

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Bumping this. Really need to be able to see all scheduled meetings in one view for reporting and updating purposes. It's great we can schedule meetings into Hubspot, but need one place where we can see them all. I know this can be done on the Sales Dashboard, but there is not enough information there - need to be able to filter and add more columns.

Please help! Many thanks!

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My customer would like to see this feature implemented as well as the importance of this is to map meetings his team is counting in Hubspot vs. actual meetings to make sure the meeting count in Hubspot is accurate. Earlier this week, they realized some meetings were getting double-counted in Hubspot - one person mapped a meeting to a company while another person mapped the same meeting to the contact at the company. If they can't actually see the source data for meetings that go into the dashboard charts then the meeting count becomes unreliable for us.

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Bump as well. This is absurd that it's been taking this long with no actual response of what solution in place.


This is basic functionality and I had a custom report working that, while not ideal, was functionable with manual workarounds. The changes to the dash this past week negated all that and now I'm back at square one with no easy solution.

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I definitely think there needs to be a more organized way to manage your meetings. When someone books a meeting with you, it doesn't even show up in their contact profile which baffles me. They should at least show up in your personal task list, if it is a meeting with you, or there should be a list of meetings booked with the contact associated. I also think a task should be automatically applied and you customize when you would like your reminder AKA 30 minutes prior. 

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I had a client ask me about this today, and I was like, "Of course you can see your scheduled meetings in the MEETINGS tool! It would be silly if you couldn't. Oh, wait. Yeah, no you can't." This is such an obvious and glaring omission; I just assumed that this most basic functionality was in place. So the only way to view your HubSpot meetings is in your connected calendar, where they're mixed in with everything else in the world. And if you edit the item from your connected calendar, it doesn't appear to modify the HubSpot item. And you can't edit the meeting item in HubSpot either as far as I can see. So yes please, let us see our calendar items in the meetings view, let us edit them from there, let us click to the lead directly from the calendar item from within HubSpot or our connected calendar, and let us sync changes between HubSpot and our connected calendars please. If any of that is possible, please someone tell me where.  

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Its clear that all the information is recorded within the CRM but HubSpot are not giving Sales Managers access to it in a central location which seems such an obvious oversight...

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Hi guys,


I just wanted to point you to something that might help eliminate some of the pain associated with this.


From the Sales Dashboard, you can click Add Report, then scroll down to Meetings and there you will find a Meetings widget which you can add to your Dashboard.


It's not the most elaborate, but it is a step in the right direction!

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This is very much needed to see all the meetings in one place, especially with customers using Outlook calendar, which cant be integrated to HubSpot.