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Schedule workflow expiration date

It would be a life saver if we had the ability to schedule workflows to deactivate themselves on a specified date (date picker) similar to how we can schedule landing pages to unpublish themselves. This would be huge for people who have a salesforce integration and have to flip over campaigns/workflows every quarter.
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OMG i would really really love that simple feature

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We need this badly. I'm getting ready to clean-up our 602 workflows that've accumulated over a few years. There are so many workflows that are campaign related, and originally having an expiration date would've avoided the need to sift through this whole list to access.


With a small HubSpot team our priorities lie other places, so (as is) not having an expiration creates a bigger mess than necessary. Some examples include: Submission Confirmation automations for giveaways, limited time offers (when series of emails), post purchase emails (when we have the date a product is no longer avail.), and temp workflows to bulk update a property (although we can use lists for this now).


We clone inactive workflows regularly, so don't want them delted, just switch it off, and throw it in an archive folder that hides them from all the other workflows (like email archiving).😁


As someone who has over 960+ workflows, I can totally relate!! It would also be nice if inactive workflows didn't count towards the total # of workflows you're allowed to have also, because I save them for cloning purposes as well. Wish more people would upvote this!

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This solution would be very useful/essential on some of the campaigns I am running on an enterprise portal with over 1000 workflows.


The use case is that a campaign has multiple workflows: 1) a normal workflow to invite users to an event, and 2) a date centered workflow sending users reminders based on days/hours before the session takes place.


We need to de-activate the "invitation" workflow before the date centered workflow triggers the email. At the moment I need to diarise the de-activation of workflow 1) which is not efficient, and can easily be forgotten. 

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this would also be really helpful for those instances with salesforce integrations where the SFDC org is heavily reliant on time-based campaigns.


Yes something that would allow us to bulk turn off and turn on or expire the workflow would be so helpful. I have to set a reminder to turn them off now and it is just another thing i have to manually do. 


One more vote for this idea! 


Yes, especially for workflows related to sending marketing emails. We've had some emails go out by mistake for contents who met the enrollment criteria later. 


One more vote! This is a must-have!


Idea created over 2 years ago, seems like a very logical feature to have yet nothing from HS.

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I create email workflows to promote events all the time. I have to set calendar reminders to manually turn off these workflows once these events occur - all because we don't have the ability to schedule a workflow to turn off. Please add this feature. Thank you!


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Must-have feature! hope it will be implemented soon


I just ran into a problem where a workflow concerning an end of year campaign was left on and new contacts who met the trigger requirements received emails that are obsolete. 


Of course, we usually set a calendar reminder since there is no possibility to schedule an end date, but sometimes things slip by.


Hubspot, please implement this soon! It doesn't seem like something very hard to do.


+1! in the world of automation, it seems strange we don't have an option to cycle a workflow and have a date range that the workflow runs. +1 for this request. 


PS - has anyone determined a work-around? TY!