Schedule unpublished blogposts without including the URL in the post

This is a small thing, but would be a nice addition. Fairly often, I schedule social media posts for blogposts before they're published. For example, if I know I'll be on holiday one week, I can schedule the blogpost for that week, create the social post and copy the URL it's going to have in, and then schedule the social post for a few minutes after the blogpost's publishing time.


The social tool doesn't recognise the URL when the blogpost isn't published, but when the social post goes out it always works fine and Facebook/LinkedIn etc. always manage to scrape the right picture and link preview from the published blogpost.


The problem is that these kinds of social posts always then include the shortened URL in the post. When I create social posts for already-live pages and blogposts, I always remove the URL to make the post look better and cleaner. However this isn't an option when schedule social posts for non-published pages.


It would be good if there was a way for me to schedule social posts for unpublished blogposts without including this URL, just so that these kinds of posts fit in with the style and appearance of all my other social posts.