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Schedule a meeting from a Contact & keeping the original meeting settings

Hi Hubspot team, 

We have an SDR that is assigned Deals, qualifies for our AEs, and schedules a meeting. We would like the SDR to use the "Schedule a meeting" option direclty on the Contact.

Reasons why:
1. SDR doesn't have to leave the Contact page in Hubspot 
2. Scheduling a meeting via this method displays the AEs entrie calendar availabitly in one view (helpful when suggesting days/times to prospect). 
3. We have a round-robin calendar link we would like to select in this case to assign the Deal to the new AE (SDR --> AE handover). 

We found that we can select the round-robin meeitng link we created, and assign via round-robin works great, but none of the meeting settings are pulled through. E.g Meeting location, reminder and descriptipon is not set, and requires SDR to manually set these each time. This does not take long, however with the volume of leads our SDR is managing this is not ideal. 

Suggestion/request: Pull through original meeting link settings though when selecting this meeting link on a Contact record. This would streamline the scheduling process for our SDRs. By automatically carrying over the meeting settings, such as location, reminder, and description, SDRs can avoid manually inputting this information for each meeting. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors and ensures consistency across all scheduled meetings.


Thank you,