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Schedule a meeting for another hubspot user from contact record

Firstly, not to have to add an existing hubspot user as a contact to be able to add them.

Secodly, not adding the person who sets up the meeting as an attendee because they simply create meetings for other users and don't have to be invited to the meeting

HubSpot Updates
October 20, 2023 08:05 AM

I'm happy to share that after some time in beta, this functionality went live to all in July this year! You can now book meetings on behalf of others from any CRM record for users with a Sales Hub or Service Hub Pro+ seat. You all had been asking for this for a long time and I appreciate your patience.

In Planning
November 09, 2021 12:12 PM

Hi Community,


Sharing an update with you all to let you know that we've been following this closely the last several months and have begun to plan out a series of changes to the scheduling experience from a CRM record that would allow users to schedule meetings on behalf of other users, and more. For now, I'll share these concepts to show you how this might look. Details are subject to change based on technical limitations and feedback, but in summary we plan to include the following functionality in this experience: 

  • Schedule a meeting on behalf of another user
  • Reference availability for yourself or other users
  • Set and view location of meeting events from a CRM record (including Microsoft Teams)
  • Create custom outcomes for meeting events



Being Reviewed
September 19, 2021 03:16 PM

Hi Community,


We are planning to prioritize some updates to scheduling from a contact record, which includes a solution that would resolve this issue.


Here are some details about current work which will influence our team's timing and ability to begin working on this solution:

The team is currently working on 2 projects:

  1. The ability to insert specific, clickable times into emails
  2. The ability for attendees to cancel and reschedule using the Meetings scheduling experience (idea here)


We then plan to pick up this project once the above 2 projects are out. This will likely happen later in Q4 or early next year. 


The solution we have in mind is currently being evaluated and reviewed internally, but we hope to make some changes to the scheduling experience on the contact record to:

- allow users to schedule on behalf of other users

- allow users in invite other users to meeting scheduled

- provide the ability to view calendar availability while scheduling from a contact record


Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback and comments on your use-cases how you'd like this solution to work!

Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 03:47 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. Adding users  to a meeting invite, or removing yourself, is important to any sales teams structured with a SDR/BDR to Account manager handoff.  We are evaluating this closely, I will provide an update here once we are able to review this for planning.







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September 20, 2017 09:06 AM

Re: Schedule a meeting for another hubspot user - changed to: Needs Detail
July 28, 2017 12:51 PM

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Yes please!! My goodness, how is this not already a thing? We only just started with Hubspot and didn't even think to ask about this because it's such a basic thing. We have appointment setters who schedule meetings on BEHALF of the sales reps. To have to leave Hubspot to make that meeting is inefficient and creates steps that can be missed. 


We need to be able to schedule for a prospect FOR other users and have it marked in that user's activity feed, but the BOOKING of that meeting, would like to see that in the Liaison's activities. That last part may be pie in the sky, but goodness... please, for the love of all that is sacred in sales, this is something fundamental. 


Please this absolutely needs to be moved up on the Dev Schedule. We have sales team members scheduling hand off to our operations team members and they need to invite them to the meeting. 


Scheduling meetings for others - required. 

adding an HS user to a meeting is REQUIRED. 

When can this be expected? It seems like this was identified long ago but is not making progress. 


any progress in this?




Would you please update us that when this will be available?




We really need an update on this soon. Seems weird this essential feature is not available. 
We just need the opstion for our apointment settlers to books meetings for our sales reps, without them being invted to the meeting too. Should be that hard 😞 




Any update here.  We need this feature as well

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Is the ability to give "credit" for logged meetings to multiple Hubspot users in your plan? Example. We have two sales reps that attend the same meeting, can the activity be logged for both of them instead of only the creator? Thanks! 


Any beta preview for this yet?

>90% of our meetings are arranged by CS on behalf of Sales people. 


We could use the existing create meeting form if Organizer was a drop down list allowing selection of hubspot users.




I'd love this as well! Really it would allow us to drop Chilipiper which costs our small team over $1000 / month... rediculous 


Upvoting this requirement. Super important to most sales companies. Can we please get an update on this project, as it looks like it's stalled. 

Agreed can we please get an update ASAP.


Up-voting for being able to add hubspot users to a meeting. This is a really needed feature for my organization. Confused how this isn't a option. Would be really nice to know everyone that was in a meeting for accountability and documentation, as well as follow ups, workflows, and pipeline processes.


Surprised the original idea was logged in 2017 and in 2023 you still can't add 2+ sales people to the same meeting. In the real world more than 1 sales people will often attend the same meeting with a client yet this cannot be tracked by activity in Hubspot (supposedly a key feature of Hubspot reporting).


Definitely @CraigP   the other thing that's surprising is not being able to select a time zone for the meeting that your zoom meeting description operates off of. For us the time zone is a major issue because the description shows our time zone and the reminders through Hubspot come in the prospects time zone (depending on how they booked the meeting). 

I wish that whole thing was more clear cut or that you could customize what was in the meeting reminders as well as booking confirmation. 


HubSpot team....any updates here? Yikes.





@laurabrenI recently met with one of the product teams at HubSpot working on the CRM UI meetings tool.  Now that they have the calendar selector scheduler in they're working on adding the ability to schedule users for other HubSpot users! 


@ChadHohn thank you for the update! Great news!


I'm a long time Marketing Hub user at a new company and now also using Sales Hub. I am absolutely dumbfounded that this is not a capability! Like 5 years ago this should have been a capability. 


@hubspot can we get an update?

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