Schedule a meeting for another hubspot user from contact record


Firstly, not to have to add an existing hubspot user as a contact to be able to add them.

Secodly, not adding the person who sets up the meeting as an attendee because they simply create meetings for other users and don't have to be invited to the meeting

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@glencornell 9 months you said you were not planning to deliver that within the coming quarter.

  • Now that 9 months has passed, can we please revise this?
  • Also, what does mean "Not currently planned"? I can see multiple possible meaning and setting this idea to "Not currently planned" because you don't think it will be delivered within the quarter sound confusing. Does it mean "No date yet"? Or "Outside product roadmap, unlikely to ever be released"? Or "Not planned for this quarter"? If it's the last one, it must be revised everyquarter.

This feature is a must for any sales team. Please give it the priority it deserves. Thank you so much.


Huge opportunity for a Business Development or even Receptionist role to have a "booked" and "shown" appointments metric without having to attend or HOST each meeting. 

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We definitely need this functionality. It does seem a little crazy that one person can't book a meeting on behalf of someone else when this tool is pitched at selling and therefore sales reps/teams.


Any workarounds people are using? The most common seems to be to use the sales rep's meeting link (external to HubSpot) and put in the prospect's details that way. But you can't add multiple internal contacts...

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We've been using the reps meeting link with Incognito so that tracking is not present. That is the only way we've been able to figure it out for now.


Definitely need this in place. Found out the other week that much of our data for 1st meetings booked and attended are not correct thanks to this.


This is a must for any modern sales organisation. Give this functionality the priority it deserves. And please let me know if this becomes a beta.


We desperatelly need this. Any updates on the pipeline? Hopefully in the upcoming release??


Yes, please.  We also need this very badly. 


Please add this functionality. I like the feedback from another user from like 2018 that suggested we simply have the meeting scheduling tool, but internally. Being able to schedule meetings for others across a team is an incredibly important and common need for modern sales teams. 


Just adding to this, I think it is a super important addition! Just as we can associate meetings to various objects, we should be able to associate it to users so they get credit. We run into this issue a lot as multiple sales reps are on meetings. We had a way of doing this in salesforce and now in hubspot we are a little stuck. Hoping this gets added soon!!

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Any updates on this? This issue is going to cause us to reevaluate the software.