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Schedule a meeting for another hubspot user from contact record

Firstly, not to have to add an existing hubspot user as a contact to be able to add them.

Secodly, not adding the person who sets up the meeting as an attendee because they simply create meetings for other users and don't have to be invited to the meeting

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1+ this feature would be really important to our team.


@nickmellor I use a different workaround from @vesnastefanovic because when I have the SDR book the meeting for the AE, they use a round robin link. So, the "assigned to" is the AE, not the SDR.


My workaround for SDR reporting is that I create a unique Meeting Type for each SDR, for example: "Pre-Qualification - SDR 1" "Pre-Qualification - SDR 2" etc. Each SDR uses a round robin meeting link to book their meetings for AEs (either in email or incognito if on the phone), so the meeting link automatically sets the correct meeting type.

The issue I am having is that when the SDR uses the Round Robin link:

  • The meeting will automatically be set with the AE and not the SDR, so then the SDR needs to have the AE add them manually to the calendar invite (which is a pain)
  • Also, it is possible for the SDR to get double-booked
  • It's also not a great user experience. If an SDR, let's call her "Emily" is emailing back and forth with someone and that person books with an AE, let's call her "Allison" then the prospect is confused why they are suddenly now meeting with someone else

I posted this as a separate idea here but wanted to see if anyone on this thread had any advice.


3 years laters it has not been implemented...



Please can this be escalated. 


  • who booked the meeting (SDR)
  • who it was scheduled for (AE)
  • date the meeting was booked by SDR
  • date the meeting was scheduled to perform by AE
  • whether the meeting was performed or not
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Any chance this is something that's even close to being on the team's radar?

Would be immensely helpful and doesn't feel like it should be that complicated to implement. As of right now, we're able to include Hubspot users on emails being sent from within the Hubspot portal - but we can't include those same users on meeting invites.


If nothing else, I'd be curious to hear what the logic is behind it?





Also interested on the update on this. 


We would also need this feature, I think this is a common task in many organisations. Please add this, thank you


We are having exactly the same issues. Our team are tracked on meetings, but many of them are missing out because of this problem.


We have created each user as a contact in the CRM, so we can mark them as attendees, but this action is redundant when reporting on the activities of users! 


I have a temporary solution that might help!


Hey everyone, I am having the same issue that you all are experiencing. However, with a few tricks - I have found a solution (hopefully not long-term) to work around not being able to transfer meetings.


Read below: 


1. If the person you plan on transferring the meeting to is not a HB user, create a contact record with their name, business email, phone, etc. IF they are already a Hubspot user move to the next step. 


2. Start by creating the meeting (title, date, and time etc.) when you get to the "attendees" section, search for the contact you plan on transferring the meeting too. HubSpot users don't show up by their name for some odd reason. BUT they show up by email, so type in their business email and add them as an attendee. If the business email is google based, this will automatically create a google calendar invite for both parties. 


3. If you plan on using a video call, have your sales rep's personal meeting link in a document on hand and copy that over into the notes section of the invite. If the meeting is a phone call, use the same process. 


That wraps up the HubSpot side of things. The transferring agent doesn't have to get onto the meeting and you could technically say this is a transfer. But in no way is this a viable solution.


The rest of the steps is what I use to transfer the meeting on Google Calendar:

4. Once the meeting has been created, go to your google calendar and click transfer ownership. 

5. Transfer the meeting to the specified representative, remove yourself from the calendar event, and you're good to go. 


Hopefully, HubSpot will figure out how to transfer events soon because this process is extremely inefficient....


Good luck to you all! 


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Can we get an update on this?


Essentially we need to have a combination of a meeting link (So we can see availabilty) and just simplicity of clicking to book a meeting.




This is absolutely necessary! Most meetings that we do have more than one employee in it, and employees are definitely nothing to mix with leads. 


This is absolutely necessary! Most meetings that we do have more than one employee in it, and employees are definitely nothing to mix with leads. 

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@glencornell 9 months you said you were not planning to deliver that within the coming quarter.

  • Now that 9 months has passed, can we please revise this?
  • Also, what does mean "Not currently planned"? I can see multiple possible meaning and setting this idea to "Not currently planned" because you don't think it will be delivered within the quarter sound confusing. Does it mean "No date yet"? Or "Outside product roadmap, unlikely to ever be released"? Or "Not planned for this quarter"? If it's the last one, it must be revised everyquarter.

This feature is a must for any sales team. Please give it the priority it deserves. Thank you so much.

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Huge opportunity for a Business Development or even Receptionist role to have a "booked" and "shown" appointments metric without having to attend or HOST each meeting. 

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We have multiple clients who need this very badly. 


They need to be able to report on meetings a BDR/SDR has scheduled for an AE. This seems as simple as being able to add multiple users to a meeting.


Or to be able to configure engagements like other objects so we can add a field that would solve this.


It is vital for our company to be able to report on activities by HubSpot user. There are ferequent instances where we have a single meeting with a client with input from multiple Sales team members. When reporting on activities - it is only possible to report on 'Assigned to' yet the meeting is only assigned to one user. 


Our company needs this feature too! Please consider planning this into the next update. Thank you!

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A big fail on Hubspot's end letting this feature slip.

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We definitely need this functionality. It does seem a little crazy that one person can't book a meeting on behalf of someone else when this tool is pitched at selling and therefore sales reps/teams.


Any workarounds people are using? The most common seems to be to use the sales rep's meeting link (external to HubSpot) and put in the prospect's details that way. But you can't add multiple internal contacts...