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Schedule a meeting for another hubspot user from contact record

Firstly, not to have to add an existing hubspot user as a contact to be able to add them.

Secodly, not adding the person who sets up the meeting as an attendee because they simply create meetings for other users and don't have to be invited to the meeting

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April 27, 2020 03:59 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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We have a client, where one of the KPI's are attended meetings with leads/customers. Sometimes there are more than one sales rep attending these meetings. 


Currently you can only add Contacts as attendees and not HubSpot users. 


We would like to be able to add more HubSpot users to the attendees list in meetings, so that again their activity would show up as an Activity in the Sales Reporting Dashboard. 



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I agree with SMA. It is not unusuall for sales reps to be measured on meeting activity. Therefore, all attendees to a meeting, both employees and external, should be able to add to the registered meeting in HubSpot CRM.


I would also like to see this implemented - we have business development team generating leads and handing off meetings to other team members. The biz dev shouldn't need to be listed as an attendee and it should be easier to assign an existing Hubspot user to a meeting instead of having to create a contact.


Would really like to see this implemented.


As we can see from the comments, there are many of us who will book meetings for more senior team members. When it comes to reporting on this, its difficult to see how many meetings have been booked and for whom.


Our workaround for this is causing issues with IP tracking for us. A SDR books a meeting while on the phone with a prospect for a Sales Rep by using that sales rep's meeting link. Now Hubspot is tracking the SDR as if they are the prospect. Not good.


Yes, absolutely needed...


When we book meetings with leads and clients, we are often represented by multiple employees  from our company. For record keeping, we need to register who met with the leads and clients when and where and the topic. 


It is currently not possible to add co-workers (users) unless you create them as Contacts in HubSpot - which seem like a wrong way of doing it. 

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It is extremely important for our Business Development Team to be able to schedule meetings for our Sales Reps. These Meetings need to appear on the Sales Reps calendars and on any Dashboard widgets showing "Today's Meetings".


I am New to Hubspot, and this is a REAL problem that HUBSPOT needs to fix. we work with multiple google calendars, and I need to be able to add a meeting to someone's calendar without adding myself, or as someone else said, signing in and out as the other users...


I'm also in agreeance with the list Trevor created.

  • who booked the meeting (SDR)
  • who it was scheduled for (AE)
  • date the meeting was booked by SDR
  • date the meeting was scheduled to perform by AE
  • whether the meeting was performed or not

What workaround is everyone else using currently? I don't know why, at the least, the ability to schedule for someone isn't already available, that makes no sense whatsoever.


There is the meetings app. I basically would love it we could have that app internally. If I can see my team members availability that they've set, then schedule a meeting with a contact with that team member, that would be perfect. It would really set this CRM apart from the others.


+1 for this functionality - need the ability to schedule a meeting on behalf of another HubSpot user, or in the very least include in the "attendees" drop-down options. 


We are in the education sector and I (Marketing) often have early conversations with prospective students. At the moment they are ready to start discussing with an Admissions representative to set up an appointment with a campus tour, I cannot schedule that on behalf of one of my reps and assign it to that person.


Schedule a meeting to another Deal Owner. So the meeting gets added to the Deal Owners calendar (Google calendar or 365) and not too the user who booked the meeting.

(So when you are booking a meeting from the Deal Record, the user who booked the meeting, is not calendar the meeting will be added to.)


This is a big issue in our organization, we need to add  2 or sometimes 3 representatives to the meeting invitation we send to our prospects. That particular meeting is counted in all the representative's account. If this does not happen it would create problem while distributing that deal between the members


I hope Hubspot takes care of this issue soon, and come up with an option to add internal representatives into an invitation.


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Yes, please! As the admin for HubSpot, this is a big contention as we grow and add a sales team. The sales team is pushing for moving to a different CRM specifically for this one lack of functionality. 



We have our Sales Development Reps to open the users meeting link using the incognito browser window to book meetings for our Account Managers and Executives. 

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@cara_ceo please explain


We (Marketing) creates a round-robin team meeting link for rotation as new contacts come in. 


While a Sales Development Rep (SDR) is on the phone, they open the Account Manager meeting link in an Incognito browser and the SDR fills out the form with the contact's email and chooses the meeting time that works best for the new contact.


Opening this meeting link in an Incognito browser is required to prevent IP tracking on the form submission, 


In the end, the Account Manager is now booked with a meeting with the contact. 

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@cara_ceo I am not understanding. The meeting link is per user. How are you creating the meeting for the sale team?

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@cara_ceo Thank you.  I have been told many times - Can't do it.