Schedule Workflow to turn on at specific time and date


Need the ability to schedule a Workflow to turn on at a specific time and date.


For instance, if I have a new series of emails that I want to send out to a list. I should be able to schedule the Workflow to turn on at Tues 10am PST if I want to. Why is this currently a manual operation? Any other CRM or email system would let me turn on an email campaign at an automated time and date, not make me do it manually.


If I wanted to schedule a Workflow to turn on at 8am EST but I live in PST, are you telling me that I have to get up at 5am just to flip the switch? That doesn't make any sense. Why isn't this already baked in? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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This is exactly the idea I have been looking for. We have workflows that we want to begin on the weekend but continue to run after that point, so right now someone has to get up on the weekend and log in to turn it on.


The problem with the date-centered workflows is that they don't allow enrollments after the selected date. A scheduling feature would be ideal just like you can do for an email - schedule a workflow to turn on. Thanks for posting this, I know some other who will want to upvote this as well as it has a TON of use cases


This would be a great idea! To be able to schedule a workflow to turn on and off without having to manually set this! Especially if you are on annual leave or want a workflow to trigger at a certain time-zone it should be a feature that can be automated/scheduled for the future. 


This would be very helpful. For instance, I set up a workflow to send out a series of NPS survey emails to customer contacts and then to continue sending follow-ups based on whether or not a contact completes one. I'd like to be able to schedule the workflow to trigger on a specific day/time/timezone.


I need this right now. We set up promotions sometimes weeks in advance and I'd like to be able to schedule my workflows to start and stop automatically, so that I don't have to remember to do so.