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It would be a great feature to be able to post videos on Instagram through Hubspot. My company regularly posts videos and always have to manually upload them through our mobile devices. Unfortunately, this doesn't allow us to track any analytics for the video through Hubspot. Definitely a feature that would be very handy.

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I use Hubspots SM platform daily and being able to upload videos through Hubspot's Instagram feature would be very, very helpful to cut down on my time to upload on my mobile devices. Please incorporate the video feature into Hubspot's SM platform! Thanks! Smiley Happy

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100% need this.

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Our social team would benefit greatly from this feature as well. Right now we can schedule out everything else, but are forced to schedule video manually/natively.

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I agree. Linkedin and Facebook all allow it, but not instagram? Seems really odd. 

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I agree, we have a social plan relying heavily on video and being able to schedule on Instagram would be helpful

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Absolutely agree. I have to set reminders in my agenda to manually post a video on the Instagram account, while I have it scheduled in for other social media channels. It is super annoying and time-consuming, so YES PLEASE; add this functionality!

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I agree! This feature is needed.

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Can't believe this isn't a feature yet. Come on Hubspot!!!

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Hubspot, please help make this possible. My company only posts videos on Instagram and right now we are uploading them manually through our mobile devices. It is imperative for us to get analytics through hubspot for our Instagram videos. Please help. 

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It's finally here! SO EXCITED.