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Schedule Threaded Tweets

Wouldn't it be great for marketers to be able to schedule threaded Tweets from HubSpot? Often, I'm given insightful posts from our SMEs that are too long for Twitter's character limit, but they have so much great information, I don't want to take anything out. I've found success with posting the threaded Tweets directly from Twitter, but then I lose out on using HubSpot to schedule these Tweets. As far as I can tell from my Google research, Buffer and Hootsuite don't do this yet, so HubSpot adding this as a feature would be a big plus!

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Since Musk will never allow this, let's do this in Threads instead 😎


HS product team please revisit this Threat feature. It is essential for our Twitter strategy. We must use Buffer for longer posts. 


Upvoting, as this would be amazing to have!


Yes please 🙂 Threads perform way better than regular tweets for us. Upvoted, I can do threads now in metricool for example, but it would be great to integrate it in some way into HubSpot.