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Wouldn't it be great for marketers to be able to schedule threaded Tweets from HubSpot? Often, I'm given insightful posts from our SMEs that are too long for Twitter's character limit, but they have so much great information, I don't want to take anything out. I've found success with posting the threaded Tweets directly from Twitter, but then I lose out on using HubSpot to schedule these Tweets. As far as I can tell from my Google research, Buffer and Hootsuite don't do this yet, so HubSpot adding this as a feature would be a big plus!

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This would be incredibly helpful! 

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I'd love to see this option as well. There are a number of times that we have longer tweets--threading them would be ideal. Thanks for adding the idea to the forum.

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Great idea, wish it was available right now.

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I agree, needing this now!

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That feature would be really useful ! Upvoted ✔️

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This would be awesome... woudl love to track clicks and engagement with all tweet in the thread.