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Schedule Meeting Using Mobile App

It would be great to schedule a meeting on the mobile app.  Right now when I meet someone in person and want to schedule a meeting, I have to do it on Google Calendar.  Instead, would be great to add them to HubSpot using card scanner and set up meeting from there.

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April 27, 2020 03:59 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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Yes PLEASE: totally crazy that one cannot Create a meeting from the Mobile App - have over 1500 users in HubSpot engaging with clients all day & they NEED this functionality on their mobiles. PLEASE advise when this will happen?


Hubspot team, I am a huge fan and have implemented your platform at several companies with your largest packages. This has always been an issue. Now that I am out on my own it is even a bigger issue. This is basic functionality that people have been begging for, for years! 

Please finally make this happen in 2023! 


I completely agree w the comments above. It's time for this feature


problem solved: using iphone or android keyboard shortcuts for multiple calendars.

iOS: system preferences-->general-->keyboard-->replace (my example: @calendar replaces with my meeting link". you can use all kinds of shortcuts to send urls to people much faster that the app will for sure.

i.e. documents



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Adding another voice to the request as I recently saw this in a community question. We can log meetings, and send links, but we can't schedule like we can in desktop. Thanks!