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Schedule Meeting Using Mobile App

It would be great to schedule a meeting on the mobile app.  Right now when I meet someone in person and want to schedule a meeting, I have to do it on Google Calendar.  Instead, would be great to add them to HubSpot using card scanner and set up meeting from there.

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December 12, 2023 03:42 AM

@Ruurd  wrote:

It would be great to schedule a meeting on the mobile app.  Right now when I meet someone in person and want to schedule a meeting, I have to do it on Google Calendar.  Instead, would be great to add them to HubSpot using card scanner and set up meeting from there.

We've just launched a way to visualise your availability when creating new meetings on iOS. If you search the Product Updates section in your account you'll find this one:


[Live] A simpler way to add new Meetings on Mobile



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December 12, 2023 03:36 AM

Hi all, thank you for taking the time to comment on this idea. I'm happy to say that this is now available for iOS and Android. Instructions here on the Knowledge Base.

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February 07, 2023 02:04 AM

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April 27, 2020 03:59 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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Ridiculous ignorance of community request 😒


Hey everyone, I know the status isn't updated but this is 100% in the works.  They're looking at a huge overhaul of the mobile app and booking meetings will be a primary focus.  I saw a beta of it, there's no true timeline to it's completion but it's definitely being worked on!


@RSleiman  that's great news.   Where did you see this beta?


@KeysProperty I was invited to a one-on-one with someone from HubSpot's app development team to see it, and give feedback on it as well as some other things.


@RSleiman thats great.  Thanks for updating us here 🙂 


I wholeheartedly agree, I'm always making appointments on the road so if I could create a customer contact and then schedule the meeting in the one phone app session, that would be wonderful!

I honestly believe, and I've communicated this to the Hubspot PM of the
mobile app already - that the simplest way (albeit two step process) to
handle this is to enable access to the PROPOSED MEETING TIME tool in the
app. You would then be able to propose the time via mobile, and click on it
yourself to schedule the meeting. I do this now in the webapp via GMAIL and
it works perfectly.

The real way to make this work is to rework the entire meeting process and
add the ability for us to create meetings without a meeting link which at
present does not exist. So I would imagine anything like that is a ways

The PM also informed me that any demos which are circulating are simply
concepts right now. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Thanks @RMirsky,.  However I don't understand why adding a feature already available on the desktop app would require them to "rework the entire meeting process" ?


@KeysProperty - Hi! You are misunderstanding a bit. 


In the first paragraph of my previous post I was mentioning how I currently do what we are asking for on this thread.  Using the webapp I use the new proposed meeting feature etc. This feature does not currently exist in the mobile app. I believe they will add this feature to the mobile app to solve our request in the SHORT TERM. 


Later in my post, I mentioned that the LONG TERM solution is to rework the whole method of booking clients which I think they will eventually do but it's not a priority for them at this time.  


Does that make more sense?


@RMirsky  Yeah that's how I read your comment.

Putting the short term solution aside (because it doesn't cover every use case - a point for another discussion) ...


What I don't understand is why the long term solution is dependant on reworking the whole method of booking clients.   

You probably have a better understand of how the desktop app is able to schedule (link-less) meetings from the contact screen than I do.  Why is that method not transferable to the mobile app?


All our sales rep are asking for ability to set meeting via phone app - the competitors to hubspot are doing this - i think it would be a valuable addition and it is clear many many clients of hubspot want it.  This is a chance to show you respond to customer needs



@glencornell  - any updates?


Scheduling meetings are the cornerstone of prospecting!  Users can act in real time on the app, but not with scheduling or updating outcome of meetings.  

Wouldn't it be great to schedule that meeting immediately face to face or quicky once finishing an engagement?  You could it this were possible on the app.




This would be great! Our sales people are out in the field a lot and need to be able to create meetings when they are out before they forget when they get home.

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I have a rep who uses HubSpot on an iPad -- the web view in safari -- specifically to be able to schedule this way. It's a workaround in case anyone may find that useful.

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Any news on this side?

Definitely it's 2022 and we need to be able to plan a meeting right from mobile!


This is huge! Please add this to the app. Many of our members are on the go and with a client they want to be back to schedule a meeting immediately with the client, not until they get back to their desktop. 


Apps are about saving time and saving steps. This would be a great benefit to those of us on the road!




Is this really 2022 and this stupid simple elementary task to add "meeting" among, call, email or task is still missing?


Looks we'll never can get to "real" = paid version of this tool, without real needs of sales reps met.

Is it possible to get an update from the Hubspot team on when they intend to address these requests please.