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Schedule Meeting Using Mobile App

It would be great to schedule a meeting on the mobile app.  Right now when I meet someone in person and want to schedule a meeting, I have to do it on Google Calendar.  Instead, would be great to add them to HubSpot using card scanner and set up meeting from there.

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Yes PLEASE: totally crazy that one cannot Create a meeting from the Mobile App - have over 1500 users in HubSpot engaging with clients all day & they NEED this functionality on their mobiles. PLEASE advise when this will happen?


Hubspot team, I am a huge fan and have implemented your platform at several companies with your largest packages. This has always been an issue. Now that I am out on my own it is even a bigger issue. This is basic functionality that people have been begging for, for years! 

Please finally make this happen in 2023! 


I completely agree w the comments above. It's time for this feature


problem solved: using iphone or android keyboard shortcuts for multiple calendars.

iOS: system preferences-->general-->keyboard-->replace (my example: @calendar replaces with my meeting link". you can use all kinds of shortcuts to send urls to people much faster that the app will for sure.

i.e. documents



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Adding another voice to the request as I recently saw this in a community question. We can log meetings, and send links, but we can't schedule like we can in desktop. Thanks! 

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I agree! Considering this was brought up back in 2020 and still hasn't been implemented is concerning.  This is a basic feature with any virtual appointment booking service.  Being able to book via the app is a fundamental necessity.  Is there an ETA for this project? 


We are hurting without this feature!


Glad to see this is being reviewed, @AdrianAnsari 
There's been a flurry of activity lately!


I agree that this is not a difficult feature to add, but will add a substatial amount of functionality. We need this!




I have a thought for a potential solution that I think would be low cost and high reward + I think it would be accepted by everyone here (I hope). 


When looking at the app navigation, click on the + to "create". Now add an option that says "Meeting". When you click on it it gives a list of all of your avalilable meeting links. When you select one, simply have it navigate to a mobile version of the booking page for that link. Now the user can go ahead and input all of the information for a client and book the meeting for them! 


Problem solved? 


+1 !!


Since ‎Nov 15, 2018 waiting and still don't have a solution. Is it so difficult to implement what RMirsky said?


New to HubSpot, and this seems like such a simple functionality that I expected it to be on the app already!


Is 'Not Currently Planned' jargon for 'Ideas Graveyard'?


Simple but essential function missing here. Surely in the last 4-5 years this could've been implemented. 

Annoying that I cannot schedule a meeting from the app and I have to load a clunky webpage or get the computer on to do such a simple task. 

sort it out Hubspot. Can't be that complicated as it already exists on standard website. 


any update?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


I can't stress the importance of this feature enough. It's so basic, yet we are missing it. The hassle of having to book meetings elsewhere is very inconvenient. I hope this time around, we actually get this feature added. 


I'm currently having to set my face to face meetings as tasks and then log a meetings that was never created once its complete. It would be great if I could create a meeting on my mobile app before it happened, it then added to my calendar and then I could log that meeting info after it was complete. The fact that this isnt currently possible is astounding. You would think being able to manage your customer relationships on the go (because youre going to meetings!) would be the whole point of an on the go CRM system, but obviously not. To then notice that this request has over 100 upvotes from your own customers leads me to realise that this issue may be happening because the people that run this CRM system dont in fact know how to CRM. Sort it out HubSpot. Youre looking slow.

Worrying that we are still waiting for such a simple feature to be implemented. If it wasn’t for the other integrations that I have with Hubspot then I would probably try a different system.

I've only been with them a few months and I'm starting to find so many
little basic issues. Seriously considering changing to another provider
before my business is completely embedded with hubspot. Especially if
they're blatantly ignoring simple upgrade requests from their own
customers.... it doesn't look like it's going to get better.