Schedule Deal export


Feature request to allow scheduling an export of the Deals in a given Pipeline, e.g. once a week, email an XLSX file to



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My current solution is to put a reminder on my calendar to manually do the export and send it on to appropriate parties. Is there no way to automate this? 


Definitly need this, since the native reporting and analytics capabilities are very limited.


I would even add something to this idea : it would be nice to be able to have this export droped directly in a repository (for example by configuring a google drive or dropbox URL), and not only receiving it through email. I don't want to have to manually click on the link, download the file, update my existing file, and so on. I want to automate all of this 🙂


 Agree wholeheartedly. Love and need this idea sooner rather than later. 


Also want the export to include ALL PIPELINES. 

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Is there any update on this? Would be great to schedule the Export of any view we have saved, be it Deals, Contacts or Companies.



I am using the standard create/update/delete webhook subscriptions for hubspot deals to update a remote database through a custom script. Despite this process, my remote database does not remain in sync with the data in HubSpot and my reporting numbers drift until the differences are notable after a single week. Consequently, I manually export all deals from HubSpot every week in order to force my remote datbase back into sync with HubSpot. I would like to automate exporting all deals so I can force my remote tables back into sync periodically.


Would like to upvote this for scheduling ANY form of data export (deals, contacts, companies). As far as I can see, I can schedule reports, which is all nice and good, but I get peskered most for just lists of contacts that meet certain criteria, rather than fancy graphs. I.e. they want to get updates on who signed up for certain events through a Hubspot form. 

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I would like this feature too! Now it is manual labor and thus not efficient.


What is the status of this request anyway?


Can we get an idea of when this might be possible? Keen to be able to schedule a weekly export of all deals and companies as a .CSV 

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Adding on to here! It would be very valuable to schedule automated exports + emails of data, including set filters. 


For example, we have a Deals dashboard filtered view that we also set up as a custom report since those can at least be emailed automatically. However, the report table is so big that data is clipped from the email view. It's not an ideal workaround at all. The reason for these automated emails is so that we can forward the reports / exports onto our external partners. 


Having been using Salesforce's excellent reporting tools for some time, which support the ability to subscribe to reports so that they land in your inbox at scheduled intervals, I would love this feature to be in Hubspot. When is it going to appear, any updates?