Scanning of business card for pre-completion of custom form

Hi all,

it would be a nice idea if the Hubspot app could support this scenario:


You're in the field, e.g. a trade show or something. Or a customer meeting.

You would ideally type info into a custom hubspot form that you've made, but the situation makes it awkward and error-prone.


The Hubspot app would have a function where you could

1)add a custom form as a "scanner target" for your scans, and

2) after choosing this object in the app, scan a business card and

3)have the data fields from the business card automatically entered into the form.


The form and the app knows what most of the fields are, so it should be able to successfully add common things like email address etc.

the user would then proceed to complete the fields in the form that are not found on the business card, and submit the form.


This would allow you to process the form with any associated workflow and do the background stuff that you don't get when you scan a business card "flat" - beause that does not enable owner assignments, automatic emails or notifications etc. When scanned, your new contact is just thrown into the big sea of contacts with no context, and  no automatic follow-up is done. OR: Let me know if I'm wrong :-)






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