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Saved views manager

Hi everyone


it looks like saved views are one of the easiest object an user can create,anyway they are the most difficult to manage (review, rename, bulk delete) because of the un friendly pop up menù used for browsing them. also because it's impossible to delete a list unless the view based on that list is deleted (I guess you are aware of this problem especially when the view is property of a fired user)



can't we have them organized like im the lists manager , with an option that allow bulk edit and with a column summarizing is using "x lists"  (and which are those lists)?



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It would be helpful if managers could set views for their teams - which would work if the interface was updated to allow for better organization.


Yes! Filtering those views by teams or create date would be very usefull. 


This would be very useful.  We have many views that relate to people who have not been with us for years.  It's ridiculous to have to delete each one individually, especially with the laggy process for doing so.  It would take me hours.


Dear Support team,

This is related to manage saved views.

It looks like it not possible to delete the views of others, is that correct?

We have several people working for us in the past and now we are not able to clean up the views created by them.

Is there a solution?


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@Bareld I just figured this out. If you are an admin in your portal, you can delete others' views by going into 'all views' and then you can delete the view within the list of views that you didn't create. 


1. Click on all views:



2. Click on any saved view on the right side and click delete. 


Screenshot at Mar 23 18-02-20.png


Ecellent, thx for sharing. All fine now.