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Save email draft in CRM

It would be great if HubSpot would allow me to save a draft of my email in the CRM.

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February 21, 2024 03:14 PM

Hi all! The messages are reaching me! Apologies for not posting an update sooner. I'm putting this into Being Reviewed because it is a project I am hoping we can get to later this year. I can't make any promises right now though.

Reading through the comments, it looks like there are a few different ideas represented here, falling into two main categories:

  1. The ability to intentionally save an email in a Draft state because you're still workshopping the content, reviewing with colleagues, etc., and want to revisit it later.
  2. An autosave functionality in the email communicator that reloads the content previously there if there is a glitch or you accidentally refresh your browser, etc.

It will likely take a few different teams to accomplish these different asks. If we're able to work on one and not the other, I will clarify that here and create a separate idea to track, if necessary. UPDATE: was put on my radar as a related post. Let's use that one to track if 2 is your use case, and this will be for 1!

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March 19, 2021 04:53 PM

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!

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Very frustrating to be unable to save emails as a draft inside the CRM. We need this!


We need this very basic feature. Please prioritize.


Totally agree, we need this functionality as we often want to think through emails before submitting them or review with a colleague. Not having this limits the value of HS as we need to use other tools for important email and then send them to HS separately. Frustratiung. 


Years later, no change 😞 

How do I stop getting emailed about all the other people wanting this?? 


Please. This would be so helpful.


This would be a great help.  Sometimes we need to wait for additional information from a colleague and being able to save a draft means we wouldn't need to start over with the email.


I agree. This is a much needed feature not just for the CRM but for Service Hub as well. Our support agents draft lengthy emails and may need to navigate away to, for example, answer a live chat. When they return to their email draft it's gone. This is a feature that is a given in other shared email systems, like Front. I'm extremely surprised it's not a part of the service hub. 


This is a key way we work in our business - collaborating with other team members on draft emails to a customer. Either through needing it reviewed or needing additional information added etc. Also a good way of helping new team members - helping with their training and just a good way of making sure their work is good before sending anything to a customer.  Really need the ability to see the draft emails and see team members draft emails! Must be a way of adding this feature in. And question why this wasn't added years ago? Emoticono frustrado 


for example i have an assistant who writes some of my VIP emails before i send them
and it would be terrific if we could go thorugh drafts for each contact
instead of having to go around with notes and loop-a-hole tricks

come on HubSpot, give us drafts, give us life!!! 🙂


Yes, agreed. This is a UX fail.


Every email client on the planet has a provision to save drafts. That the Hubspot client does not, defies expectation. There are provisions for drafts in the email marketing and social marketing modules of Hubspot, why not email?


The ability to 'save as draft' would be so helpful! 


It honestly never even occured to me that one wouldn't be able to save an email as a draft.  This is very basic functionality.  Please incorporate it ASAP.  


Please. Having got used to emailing from HS, I now have to draft emails in Gmail and then copy them in to a deal - crazy! I saw one of your moderators asking us to upvote a request that was posted in 2018 - two years ago. Is it gonna happen or not?


Just starting out with Hubspot... Was composing an email when a chat came in. I assumed the unfinished email would be there when I returned. Bad assumption...

Please add this feature.


I would very much like to echo this idea of the ability to save a draft in any email, service crm, marketing and sales. As many have mentioned:
- When composing an email and another more pressing item comes up, you come back to that mailer and hours of investigative reporting is now lost - most frustrating. 
- new or junoir employees often need their emails reviewed by a more senoir person. this is not possible. 
- drafts also need to be composed over days when investigative work is being done. 
- the idea is to have one integrated platform, not working off multiple programs, that is why many of us made the shift to have a centralised crm. 

I have been reading through all the comments and upvotes, what is scary is this feature request has been asked for since 2018 (as far as i can see) it is 2 years later and you are still asking us to upvote for product managers to notice the request. 
1. How many more upvotes or requests do you need for this feature to be bulit?
2. Many of us are paying a lot to use this platform and it is alarming that a feature so simple / obvious, that is also provided for in just about every crm platform, is not avalible and after 2 years still not built. 

I look forward to your reply and trust this will be addressed asap. 
Many thanks

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Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!


It would be helpful to have auto save for emails. For no reason at all when Im typing long emails the system glitches and I lose all my work. That does not create an effective work space. I know my gmail will auto save, but when I am working on a client I dont want to switch back and forth from email to hubspot for notes and tasks when it is set up to do that in one spot.


Yes, it would be so useful to add this feature! It would save me time and move my team's progress forward much faster, without waiting for me to enter all details into each to-be-sent draft. Looking forward to getting this feature.


The engagement in this thread is eerily funny. This is a MUST HAVE feature, Hubspot.


There is few software applications left, that don't have an autosave function. I am switching apps because of this. Hubspot is so great in many regards, but this small negligence actually impedes my workflow immensely.

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Yes we desperately need this. The Shared Inbox/Team Inbox is nearly perfect. It allows our team to create the emails using templates in HubSpot and avoid using Add-ins or shared login credentials, and it takes care of formatting, auto-tagging, and auto-logging. Our process is fairly simple, and the draft component is what is hindering it right now.

1) Get a lead, that requires a specific template response (however, we must review it, before it sends).
2) Rep goes into the shared Outlook, drafts the email, uses a template, and then notifies a manager.
3) Manager reviews the email and makes sure it is correct, then sends through the shared Outlook email address.

If I could do this all within HubSpot and just have a Drafts folder in the Team Inbox, our process would be 100%