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Save email draft in CRM

It would be great if HubSpot would allow me to save a draft of my email in the CRM.


I'd like to make a feature request for saving drafts. Currently when typing a mail in HubSpot to a contact, navigating away deletes the mail, with no option to save a draft. 


This is very cumbersome when typing multiple mails as closing any tab deletes the mail.


It would be great to have a "draft tab" in the inbox menu. When you are writing emails, it would be saved as a draft. 



need it too.


It would be extremely helpful to have the ability to save email drafts in individual contact files on mobile and on desktop. 


Causing issues all the time with multiple users reporting they are losing long emails and notes and creating frustration with HubSpot. Its actually making adoption really hard for us as its a basic requirement that users expect to come as standard in 2022


This would be highly valuable for teams that require draft approval, such as ours that work in finance and tech. 


I agree 100%. We're coming from Front App and not being able to share drafts before sending (especially to get supervisor approval) is a major drawback/shortcoming of Hubspot.


this is clearly a necessary feature that most other CRMs have...


I just spent an hour this morning drafting a response.. only to find out that hubspot doesn't save drafts. Came back a few hours later and it was gone.


This is VERY upsetting. You would think the largest CRM on the planet would have better functionality for marketers.


I actually just noticed... these messages... for these comments... EVEN HAVE AUTOSAVE. What gives? You put autosave functionality on the complaints against you, but not the emails in your CRM software? ... LOL

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This would be a really useful feature for sales teams.
Use case: Teams who need approval before sending emails, they will be able to save an email on a record as a draft instead of saving externally/as a note and having to go through multiple steps to then craft it as an email within HubSpot. 


People in our group have lost more than a few emails due to the tab getting closed etc. Retaining drafts would be highly appreciated.


This BUG is a huge issue. How can this be reported nearly 5 years ago and still be an unplanned fix? This is unacceptable HubSpot. Conducting business mostly via email requires the ability to save DRAFTS! I assume you (HS) use your own system and have experienced this as well? Not hard to replicate....Look forward to the fix in 2023. Thanks!


The internal email feature overall should be a big point of development, in addtion to saving drafts. 


Not only should this be available, but drafts should autosave! Just like everything else in HubSpot... our Support emails often take several rounds of technical input to put together. That is impossible right now without a draft feature. And even for simple responses, people can lose Internet connection/accidentally close a window/any number of things can happen. Email drafts in the CRM and in Conversations Inbox should autosave.


Situation: Composing an email under a contact. Need to stop to do some other work. (Noticed this has issue has 190 upvotes over a number of years)

Experienced: The email can inadvertantly be lost

Expected: The email should be autosaved. Or at the least be able to be saved manually.   

To further make my point, "Your content was last auto-saved at 2:49 PM" is at the bottom of this comment / bug report.  Even this has an auto save and it is not nearly as important as an email that could have taken an hour to write.

Suggestion: to ensure the email is not forgotten the system should automatically set up a task to remind the writer that the draft email has not be sent.


This would seem to be such an easy change to make......why does it take so long?  Hope it is OK that I will copy this to the PM of this product on LinkedIn




Hi. When I forward a message I see 3 dots on the bottom but when I hover over them a message says "the contents on this section cannot be edited". When I reply to a message I don't see the 3 dots nor the original message. Doesn't it make sense to be able to see the original messages just like in any email program, to get context, without having to open an extra tab just to see them?

Also, when creating an email and stopping midway, if I close it why I am I not able to see the draft a while later?

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I do not know if this feature is covered somewhere else as this thread is old, but still this is a feature our users are asking us about alot! 




We need this as well, our team is having to save drafts as documents to make sure they don't lose their work.