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Save email draft in CRM

It would be great if HubSpot would allow me to save a draft of my email in the CRM.

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So annoying that we can't save drafts


Completely agree. It's incredibly frustrating that I can't save a draft email to send later! It seems bizarre to have to use both gmail and hubspot to send emails. I would love to see drafts as a feature. 


Yes please like in any email editor, it would be useful to be able to save as draft, for many reasons!


Would you kindly look at the idea of creating an option to create DRAFT emails (not marketing emails), where your superior can first check the email before it has been sent to the client?


This would be normal emails, like requesting shipping information from a client, or answering a question they might have about a product we are selling. 


If one is a junior team member and we need the junior to contact clients our our behalf, but we want to check the email for lets say grammar or spelling mistakes before the email is sent out?



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This is a MUST HAVE feature, my colleague just has lost quite a big email reply. Please reconsider implementing it. Thanks.


I've been burned by the no-draft lack-of-feature several times now.  I would greatly appreciate this improvement.


I add to this also:

I'd like drafts to be accessible by the whole team.


I have to train a new employee, he/she prepare draft emails, then a senior check it and send it



I continue to be frustrated by the absence of auto-save when composing notes or emails. I have lost notes and message drafts many many times and am forced to begin again. Let's get up to 2022 and provide auto-save feature, please!

HubSpot Employee

Having the option to save a draft while creating a sales email template would save a lot of time when accidentally closing the window or refreshing the page. My customer accidentally did it so we hope this is implemented. 


The auto-save feature would be nice specifically on the Sales Email Template creation. 



Any update on this @hroberts ?


This has been reported in this thread since November 2018 

This same issue was reported in July 2017 Here 


This is a really basic yet critical feature. 


Any update? I have the same issue, lost all my email 😕 would like a draft option


Throwing another comment into the ring here just to reiterate my support for this feature - although it sounds like it will fall on deaf ears given how long and old this thread is.


Following up with the rest of the community on this. @goconnor Can we get a community manager to give a comment on this idea?




coming from Missive, I really find useful to share emails's draft before to send. Unfortunately, I can't do it in Hubspot when preparing an email inside a Deal






This needs to be a part of this platform. I hope to see this developed ASAP. 


Its been too long that members have asked for this feature. An essential feature might I add.


We have self-driving cars, drones, and with it being 2022, the year George Jetson was born, we should at least be able to save email drafts in Hubspot.


Even though there has only been less than 200 people who "like" this thread, statistics say for every 1 person that complains, there are 27 more that don't speak up... let's just call it 4,000+ people are complaining about this.  It's pretty wild Hubspot doesn't carry the most common function of any email client (drafts). It would save us a lot of money in team time from losing drafts and having to rewrite stuff.


If you want to take this implementation to the next level, shared drafts like Front has would be even better. Commenting like Front has on emails would be next level as well. #its2022letsgo


This is a standard feature in any web app worth its weight. Persistent saving as the email is typed is a necessary feature. I regularly (once a day or more) lose the emails that I'm composing in a Hubspot browser. It's incredibly frustrating. And I think this is a standard feature of web protocols - it's just something that Hubspot would need to enable in their compose windows. Something as simple as adding a single line of code to the compose window. 


I'd use a full email client but unfortunately (and this is the one reason that I regret migrating from win to mac), MacOs doesn't offer any decent email client. Hubspot does not publish a Hubspot plugin for Outlook for MacOS. I understand that business decision. It makes sense.


But not enabling the auto-save feature that Hubspot has already completely developed and deployed in their support modules for all email-compose windows is wildly irrational. 


As I'm typing this reply into the Hubspot support module, I see that at the bottom of the compose window, it says, "Your content was last auto-saved at 4:24 PM" so even the Hubspot support module auto-saves when drafting. But not when drafting an email in hubspot? This is madness! 


Since you already use this feature in your support suite, please enable it hubspot-wide in your email-compose windows. 




This would be huge for us and general use. I understand bandwidth issues, but this is so necessary. Please reconsider this soon!