Save email draft in CRM

It would be great if HubSpot would save a draft of my email in the CRM so that I don't lose any informatoin in case I accidentally click on another link or close the window. 

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Yep, got the same issue here, although I use Gmail extension but sometimes I need to compose emails from CRM as it's simpler. But then you're at the risk of losing the email draft. 


But I also found that if you type in an email then go to another tab in the CRM UI (such as Note or Schedule) and you close the page and come back, you can still see the unsent email there, Not sure however if this lasts until after you end the Chrome session...

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My use case:

Sometimes it might take a while to compose an email to a potential customer (as it contains technical information that is collected and summarized for a few days).

Therefore, we have a need to start an email and edit it several times for a few days before sending it. Therefore, a draft capability will be great to have (same as in Gmail).


Looking forward to having this feature, thank you!

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This would help us streamline our processes such as:

a.  Significantly improve proper timing of email communciation with our prospects and  customer base

b.  Creates higher efficiency with our workload that contains multiple responsibilities.  Also, I work out of multiple accounts throughout the day and need less 'steps' to continue to provide the highest level of professionalism in today's fast-pace environment.

c.  This flexibility for 'drafting' an email while waiting for another team mate, outside source, etc.  will help us provide the information needed so we can properly repond to a prospect or customer.   


Sure would appreciate the same draft capabilities as others (Outlook, etc).  The sooner the better for our organization.


Thank you!

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I agree, have the same issue

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The ability to 'save as draft' would be so helpful! 

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Yes, I need this too.  I find that I begin to type an email, get interrupted or need to leave hubspot for awhile and when I come back I would like to resume that draft.  If I could just click a 'my drafts' button and see all of the drafts I have been working on, that would be ideal.



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É extremamente necessário ter a funcionalidade de salvar automaticamente o e-mail igual o Gmail por exemplo. Em várias vezes perco todo o conteúdo que eu digitei pois o sistema não tem a opção de Rascunho.

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I fully support this idea of having the ability to save a draft version of an email when creating it in Hubspot.  Yesterday, I was in the midst of a lengthy email, wanted to check on a customer name in another section of Hubspot and lost the entire email without warning.  

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A couple of weeks ago I clicked a link in the reply thread timeline above my email draft. It took me away from the page and I lost my draft, was FURIOUS, and let customer support know.


Since then drafts for NEW MESSAGES we compose are saved, and links in the timeline open in new tabs which just makes sense. Shoutout to HS Support though for pushing through the above 2 helpful updates in short order. No longer furious customer Smiley Happy 


*Be advised, drafts in replies are still not yet saved.  

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Definitely supportive of the idea for a draft in reply autosave feature! It has happened to multiple people on my team (now that we are working toward getting them to email solely out of hubspot) where they drafted an email, had something else come up and left the page, then come back and their email was gone. 


Our feeling is that this should work just like an email provider and autosave drafts/changes.