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Save drag-and-drop page layouts as templates



Currently, in order to create a drag-and-drop template in new CMS Themes, a developer is required as templates are coded.


However, it would be great if a non-developer could drag-and-drop modules in an existing template to a configuration that they like and then save that new layout as a template to be reused in the future. 


Sample use case:


For example, a developer has created a basic "Two Column LP" layout with the header, footer and two columns (rich text on the left, form on the right).


A content editor uses that template and decides that they want to have a more long-form landing page template, so they add in a few sections below with zig-zag content (alternating text and images) and a banner section with their brand color as a background at the bottom of the page. 


Ideally, they would like to save this new layout so that they can reuse it for new landing pages in the future.


Examples of this feature: 


This feature already exists in drag-and-drop emails on HubSpot, where you can click into Actions > Save email as template




A workaround would be to clone that page, but I believe that a "Save as template" function similar to that found in drag-and-drop emails would be ideal.

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Yes.  I thought that the new "Saved Sections" feature would handle this.  However if I have smart rules set up in the section I want to save, the smart rules are not saved.  So I have to recreate the layout everytime.  I used to use Salesforce (Exact Target) and they handled using saved contect extremely well.  Unfortunately, we use Hubspot now. 

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I would find this really helpful for CMS themes!


Yeah, great idea @Stephanie-OG.


I encountered this today rebuilding pages in a new theme using the content staging tool. The problem with clone-page-workaround is that it makes replacing page content a bit dangerous (unpublishing pages at a certain URL then republishing them etc).


Another workaround could be to save each separate section and then rebuild a blank page with each section (image below).
A bit more long-winded but then you'd be able to use the content staging tool.




Still, just being able to save the entire page as a template would be a LOT easier.


This is a no brainer - a huge miss for Hubspot.  I won't be surprised if in 2 years when we revamp the site again we search for another platform.  I hope Hubspot starts adding more standard functionality.  


With that said - our workaround is to create a Page per layout style and name it TEMPLATE NAME -COPY DO NOT EDIT.   We are just setting it up now but i will probably keep these fake templates as Archived so they are easier to find and not buried.




How can you not save sections for re-use in other landing pages specifically multi-language versions of the same page!!! this should be an easy fix from the HS development team. lets go guys.

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Hi @Stephanie-OG,


Super idea !

Having the possibility to save preset layouts with a defined background color or image and specific width/padding would be great.

It would also be nice to add more personalization to layouts similarly to how modules are handled, like : "hide this column on mobile".

Hope to see this soon as part of the CMS package.




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With developer mode it is possible to copy the HubL, but it doesn't always work and there are still manual steps required, a simple one-click button would be nice.

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100% would love to do this. I hate creating unpublished pages as templates, we should be able to make them a real template without having a developer do it.