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Save 'drag and drop' email as a template to re-use

Posting on behalf of a customer who is looking for a feature where we can save emails created in the 'drag and drop email editor' as a template to re-use again for other emails. 

Currently the emails created using the 'drag and drop' editor don't use a template, and if you want to re-use the layout and styling of the email you would have to clone the mail and edit. 

Feature request: To have an option to save these emails as templates, which can then be added to the 'template' screen while creating the new email. 2020-05-14 16_12_33-Calculator.png


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Contributeur | Partenaire solutions Diamond

Agree this is definitely needed. Currenlty we're just saving it as an e-mail and cloning them as a workaround. Which is a very error-prone method - someone could easily mess up the "template".

Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond

Definitely need this! We currently are saving emails with a [TEMPLATE] in the name to work around, which is not great.


Really need this, would make our workflow across multiple teams so much easier.

Contributeur de premier rang | Partenaire solutions Elite

I would go further and say we should also be able to save sections to use in other drag and drop emails. This feature is available from most ESP's that offer a drag and drop email building experience (Klaviyo, constant contact, mailchimp, sendgrid, etc.)


Our company just selected Hubspot after working on Klaviyo for a while. I was just looking for a feature to save sections in drag and drop emails, and stumbled on this page. I hope we can have that feature too so we don't need to recreate elements like headers and footers in the emails!


We have just started using HubSpot, and it was very surprising to me, that this is not already a feature.

So, definitely adding my voice to this request. Guess we'll have to clone the emails for now.


Major agree! This platform's meant to save our marketers and sales people time, so you'd think this feature would be a no-brainer.


I agree, I'm very surprised that it's not possible to save drag and drop email templates. I thought switching to the drag and drop format would be an upgrade, but without being able to save templates, it's really not an improvement on how we create emails.