Save drafts in Conversation Inboxes

If you work in a conversations inbox, and start to write a message, but then go to another hubspot page and come back, you loose the message.


This does not happen if you draft emails on ticket pages. Would be super useful if that also works in conversations inboxes.

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My team has this problem as well. It actually used to autosave what you wrote in a reply in conversations and if you clicked another conversation and then came back to the one you were writing in, the message you already wrote was not lost. Now we loose everything if we click somewhere else. Both in conversations and when replying to emails directly from the contact platform. 

Status updated to: Delivered
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We've updated behavior in Conversations to support drafts when you start replying to a conversation, exit that conversation (either to look at another conversation or leave Inbox entirely) and return to the thread!

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Thank you ! 😄 


much appreciated ! 

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Hi @mfreiert  👋


We've created an inbox to deal with support tickets, any new email creates a ticket. Would be great to have this draft functionality added to the tickets view as well!





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Hi, new to HubSpot and stumbled acrossed this thread as I'm dealing with the same issue. My team are constantly needing to leave an email half composed to respond to a live chat or change the page but the email draft is not saving when the message is composed in the "Expand email editor" pop up. Is there a solution to this?