Save custom exports

The ability to save columns in a custom export that you could easily access again.


For example: saving the columns for a sales lead list export vs a research list export.

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Yes! This is something that would save me a lot of time. Ideally, I could save a custom export and even set it to automatically generate on a specific day and time. 

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I totally agree! This would make lists so much more userfriendly and save a lot of time! I would be totally happy if I could save customer defined export lists, but if they could even be sent me at spedific day/time - wow that would be great!

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Yes! This would be wonderful. Every month I export a list of "all leads" for each of my clients as a record and include all of our smart form/MQL fields. It would be very helpful to be able to "save as default" export criteria at the very least so I don't have to remember all the fields every time. Can't tell you how many times I've exported and then realized I'm missing an important field. 

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This type of functionality is long overdue!  In my use case exporting a list every two weeks and having to reselect the criteria I selected previously isn't a productive use of time.  Is this functionality on your product roadmap anytime soon?  Thx!

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This is also something I miss all the time and I cannot understand why exporting information (lists) has to be so user-unfriendly!


I can live with the fact that I have to get it as an email, download it, etc., but that I each time have to make a selection of columns to export - without any possibility to save the selections (or at least 2-3 that I use the most) is really annoying.  

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I have missed this feature ever since I started to use Hubspot! I find it really annoying to have to select columns every time I need a new export of a list. It is also very inefficient! 

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This is definitely something that should be on the next roadmap!